History Everywhere

One of the fun things about wondering around DC is just randomly bumping into historical sites. 2425 L Street, NW is where the Rush-Bagot agreement was signed. “The treaty provided for the demilitarization of the Great Lakes and Lake Champlain. A plaque also stands at the former site of the British Legation in Washington, D.C.”

And when I googled the address it turns out there’s a condo for sale here

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  • …and this condo building used to be the columbia hospital for women.

  • You yanks are lucky we went easy on you! 🙂


  • Not sure I’d want to live in that place. Old hospitals tend to be haunted as hell. Not sure I’d want to be repeatedly disturbed at 4 in the morning by the screams of some woman who died in there 80 years ago.

  • I was born there, and it always weirds me out that it was turned into condos. I just feel like the floorboards must be covering up old umbilical cords, blood, and guts.

  • It’s a pricey building so I imagine that the ghostly screams just blend in with the screams of the innocent victims of the rich oppressors that live there.

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