Good Deal or Not? Bungalow Edition (Reader Suggestion)

This home is located at 5001 13th Street, NW:

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The flier says:

This stunning Arts and Crafts-style bungalow with gorgeous original details and luxurious modern updates has been renovated from top to bottom. Features: open floor plan, gourmet kitchen, spacious living room w/ gas fireplace, large private deck, fabulous master suite, a finished lower level with fourth bedroom, full bath, rec room, wet bar, and laundry room!

You can find more info here and a virtual tour here.

Oh man, the reader who thought I’d love this one was spot on. What do you guys think? Does $579,990 sound reasonable?

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  • Wow. Now thats a much nicer flip than the standard home depot crap. Kept some crafstman details and even had it staged. Looks like it sold for half what they are asking 2 Months ago. I wouldnt pay that price to live there though. Location kind of sucks. Not much worthwile to walk to and on a busy road. Move this about 7 blocks south and put it on a quiet side street though and I’ll bite.

  • Perfect for a working family.

    • working family? As in ‘working class’? (or a ‘broken family’?) at almost $600,000?

      The only way a ‘working family’ could afford this would if all the underage children were working instead of going to school!

      “Broke family”,I say!

  • No – not a good deal. Are people nuts? $579k for a bungalow that is not even in a good location? People will pay anything to own the American Dream.

  • OMG. I am in love. I want it. Wish I had $579.

  • The location is what has kept me from pulling the trigger on this one. It is quite nice inside.

    • To you and Aaron- What’s don’t yoy like about this location? Too far to walk to anything? I used to live about 6 blocks north. Aside from being a little boring, I really liked the area. It’s easy to drive just about anywhere in DC from here.

      I think it’s a great location for those that want something a little slower, but still want to stay in the city.

      • I like it and think it would work great for us. The Mrs. thinks it is too far north. I think she is looking for something a little closer to Columbia Hts or the GA Ave Petworth metro station. It is a 1.1 mile walk to that one.

        • I can see how the location might seem painful for someone who’s dependent on Metro. But you’re just a couple of blocks from the S bus lines on 16th and just a couple of blocks in the other direction from the Georgia Ave. 70-71-79, both of which have limited-stop options.

  • Can anyone explain the property tax info on the listing? It says that the total city tax is $3,936.78 in the information, but down below under Public Facts, it indicates that property tax is $595. Are there figures other than property tax included in the city tax? Is the city tax accurate?

    Clearly, I’m clueless about real estate…

  • I’ve always been curious about the bungalows on that stretch of north 13th Street! Great houses but the location seems so blah.

  • This house is on a rather huge corner lot. What are the rules for fencing it in? Can you put a tall privacy fence around most of the side and back yard, butting up to the sidewalk? Or does it have to be a lower easy to see through kind of thing?

    • I’m pretty sure you could put up whatever kind of fence you wanted to, as long as you obeyed all the pertinent boundaries.

      • The lot line shown on Redfin versus where the sidewalk/perceived border of the property is located is quite significant. Would that be the pertinent boundary?

        • how do you see the lot line? Where do you click?

          • If you look on the redfin page and scroll down to the overhead map of the property you see the lot line. It is much narrower than the land going to the corner of Farragut St. Technically the front yards aren’t included either.

          • Cool- I see now. That is quite a difference. I wonder how accurate that is. I looked up my house and Redifin’s line is pretty close to my actual property line, but not exact.

        • Just checked my house on Redfin, and the lot line shown there is not the same as the “fence line” (the area within the “fence line” is a bit smaller than the area within the lot line.)

    • I just put a privacy fence up in my corner lot (which is just a bit further north from the house that is the subject of this post, and I quite enjoy the location!). It’s mostly as you describe: surrounding the side and back yards, butting up against the alley that runs along my backyard, but not getting anywhere near the sidewalk.

      If you call up a rep from a big company like Long Fence or Hercules they’re more than happy to visit the property and will be able to tell you pretty quickly what the regulations are.

  • Staging anyone?

  • Depends on if the two small bedrooms, which look like a converted sleeping porch are only reached by walking through the other bedrooms. I’ve looked at a few places like than – very annoying when you’re looking for a real 4 bedroom house.

  • I actually like this area a lot. I wouldn’t want to live there now as a single person, but if I were older/more settled, I think it’d be great. Tranquil, picturesque streets – and you’re just a few blocks from Moroni Brothers!

  • I love bungalows, but what is the point of living inside city limits if you can’t walk anywhere? Might as well live in a MD/VA suburb and pay half the taxes. THey did a nice job fixing it up though.

  • Yay 16th Street Heights (as always)!

    There are some nice bungalows around there, and some nice properties in general. The houses in that area are more single-family and less rowhouse style like down in our part of the neighborhood.

    Remember, you’re a few short blocks from Hamilton St. playground right there, so you have a place for your little ones to play swarmball-soccer and swing on the swings. Or you could take them down to the Upshur pool and park. You have pretty good access to Rock Creek Park from there, as well as Carter Barron if you like tennis. I think there may be weekend pickup soccer there as well.

    You’re also a pretty short distance from Highlands (less than 1/2 mile) though unfortunately it is partly an uphill walk. One downside is that 13th does get moderate to heavy amounts of car traffic in that area.

    This house is pretty much thoroughly renovated. It has a yard, though it isn’t very private. So I think it’s best for a family with a couple little kids willing to buy a beautiful house at full price for minimal headache who don’t mind hanging around at home most of the time.

    But don’t doubt, this place will sell.

  • Good neighborhood and a very nice restoration – should sell quickly.

  • Something doesn’t seem quite right. The house sold for $287,500 with closing on March 22, 2010. And the house has been on the market for 29 days. The renovations were done in a month (let alone, quality renovations)?

    • I was wondering the same thing – and I thought on previous threads that some PoP commenters had beefs with the developer who listed the place.

      • Wondering the same . . . I live near this house – the transformation was fast, and looks great. But DC_Chica is right – there was a previous comment thread that had some criticisms of this developer.

        • I think the execution was fine, but the planning seems … err … lacking. That last bathroom pic really stuck out. I don’t think you could sit on that toilet given how close it is to the tub. You’d have to angle sideways.

          My guess is that this is more Home Depot than you’d expect. Then again, maybe they just worked quickly and are old hands at the flip.

  • Real nice neighborhood indeed. My church is three blocks south @ 13th & Decatur. You are one block from GA.Ave., where the action is sometimes full of peril.

  • the neighbors are in a death metal band and rock real loud.

    • dude, i believe it! i saw this house pre-flip. we could hear the neighbor’s drums from inside the house. honestly, that’s the main thing i remember about it. any bets on whether the developer did any sound-proofing?

  • …which means be very careful.

    Most of their houses have nice appliances but really crappy workmanship. Although this one doesn’t appear to have the standard Menkiti appliances and detail, it seems much nicer.

    I’d still be worried because the name Menkiti is attached.

  • Good deal. It is around the corner from me and I attended the first open house. Three bedrooms are upstairs, same layout as most of the bungalows in the neighborhood. The fourth bedroom is in the finished basement. Nice renovation.

    Great neighborhood, but I am partial. The previous sale in March is the DC tax record update. For those of you who haven’t purchased property in DC before, the Accounting/Tax office moves slowly. My previous house settled in October and the tax record was not recorded until May!

  • It could be that you would pay $3926.78 if you bought it (that sounds about right to me for where it is priced) but the current owner is only paying $595 because there is a cap to how much your taxes can go up in a year. If they bought the house really cheap 10 years ago, they might not be paying very much in taxes.

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