Dear PoP – People leisurely walking into speeding traffic

by Prince Of Petworth May 27, 2010 at 1:30 pm 143 Comments

Photo by PoPville Flickr user Blinkofanaye Ed. Note: I love the photo above and don’t mean to imply they were walking into traffic…

“Dear PoP,

Whats the deal with people walking into speeding traffic in dc? I have witnessed and nearly been in many an accident caused by people or groups of people leisurely sauntering across the street with no regard for the traffic. Its as if they just expect people to slam on their brakes or swerve to avoid them… I admit that I j-walk when the coast is clear, but walking into speeding traffic is just ridiculous. I often see the behavior with groups of young high school kids who just walk out into traffic and ignore the cars… if you honk they flick you off and curse at you… I feel like this has gotten more and more prevalent, over the past few months even, as no one is being punished or has been killed by the behavior. Its particularly bad down around u st. Anyone else experiencing this? What can we do about it?”

I have noticed this for years though I’m not sure anything can be done besides a pr campaign by the city. But for full disclosure, I know sometimes when I’m taking photos I sometimes find myself absentmindedly wandering into the middle of the road, I’ve had a few close calls and do need to pay better attention.

There actually is a campaign called Street Smart you know the one with the terrifying posters.

There was a press release back in March ’09.

Can anything else be done besides a PR campaign?


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