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Christmas Light Streaks
Photo, Christmas Light Streaks, from PoPville Flickr user Rukasu1

You can talk about whatever is on your mind – quality of life issues, a beautiful tree you spotted, scuttlebutt, or any random questions/thoughts you may have. I’ll open this thread every Monday and Friday. Anything good happen this week?

I’ll take this opportunity to wish a very Happy Hanukkah to my fellow members of the tribe out there in PoPville.

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  • Prince Of Petworth

    Photos are uploaded to multiple flickr pools. This is not uncommon that two (or more sites) use them. Particularly when they are this cool.

  • Rant: When PoP and DCist pick the SAME EXACT photos in a given day.

    Rant: People that discuss what their “captcha” is–I don’t care about what random words popped up before you leave your comment!

    Rave, then Rant: Had our company holiday party last night; unfortunately, I had a pretty nasty weekday-hangover this morning.

    Rave: looking forward to having friends over for this themed party tomorrow night. After a week of being down from the “break-up,” this will hepefully be a nice pick-me-up..

    Rant: I HATE BREAKUPS (particularly if they’re not “official”)

    Overall, a pretty crappy week.

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  • Rave: Thanks PoP for doing what you do.
    Rant: Having to sit in an office when I’d rather be working on the house.

  • kids stop fighting! it’s only a picture…my pics are everyone…I’m just happy that anyone uses them at all in the first place… AND they aren’t actually the same one, but ya know whatever

    Rave: Fojol Bros for lunch, and Friday
    Rant: too cold, too soon

    • Too soon? It’s December 11th… I hate the cold more than anything, but if anything it came really late this year, don’t you think? I mean, I was wearing flip flops last week!

  • Rant: The bus broke down during my commute this morning, so I had to walk the rest of the way to the Metro. It wasn’t that long of a walk, but it was SO FRICKEN COLD!

    Rave: POP implemented the ability to relpy directly to other comments! Hurray!

  • Rant: They’re moving my office (incouding an entire print library) and people have been working around my desk (no cube!) all day long.

    Rave: I’m leaving early today and treating myself to a nice lunch with some Hanukkah cash I was given.

  • Rant: They’re moving my office (incouding an entire print library) and people have been working around my desk (no cube!) all day long.

    Rave: I’m leaving early today and treating myself to a nice lunch with some Hanukkah cash I was given.

  • Rave: I survived the Gwar concert.

  • Rant: coming down with a cold, just in time for the weekend, and just in time for my offspring to get over said cold. This means a whole weekend of feeling lousy AND guilty because I feel too lousy to do fun weekend stuff with the kid.

  • RANT: The Metro train I was on went out of service today AND yesterday at the Columbia Heights station because the doors malfunctioned (read: some @sshole held them open and [email protected] them up.), so we all had to exit the train and find other ways to work. I am stunned that the exact same thing happened at the exact same Metro station 2 days in a row. I think the conductor hates people from Petworth and Columbia Heights.

    RAVE: Got drunk at my AU alumni dinner last night!

  • GiantSquid

    Rant: One of my dogs has become very clingy, follows me around like a shadow.

    Rave: Friday!

    Rant2: Wanted to stay home, hang out with dogs, and work on quilt instead of going to work.

    Rave2: Friday!

  • Rant: The el cheapo Xmas party for lowly employees was held at some no name suburban family restaurant that will remain nameless. They had live music but no dance floor and the music was so loud you couldn’t talk to anyone. It would have been ok if the food was good but it was bland as H. The Big Man was supposed to show up but didn’t but I’ll bet he’ll show up to the lawyer’s party in G’town. I wonder how much they spent on them versus us.

  • raves:
    a) I got called to be on Jeopardy! It tapes next month.
    b) new relationship going really well.

    a) LOTS of studying for Jeopardy.
    b) person in said new relationship has job constraints that mean we won’t see each other again til just after New Year’s.

  • Rant: As a single guy that is looking to buy a place to live I can’t find anything in my price range in the Petworth/Columbia Heights/Mt Pleasant area that isn’t in dire need of serious repairs, almost in Maryland, or a shoebox. I am not looking for a palatial estate just something comfortable. I guess it comes with the territory of the DC housing market.

    Rave: It’s Friday?

  • Rant: I have a work-related event for the second Saturday in a row. Can’t even wait for the busy season to be over!

    Rave: The cold weather! (I’m a MidWesterner, can’t help it!)

    Rave2: Going ice skating in the Sculpture Garden tonight!

  • JrWorthy: What’s your price range? It’s cool, we’re all friends here.

    Reason: I know of a super secret find. There’s this incredibly awkward apartment in MVS that is HUGE and has a HUGE backyard (actually a courtyard). I call it awkward because it feels more like someone’s basement than an apt, but it is a nice place for sure and it gets a good amount of sun, has outdoor space, and backs into blagden’s alley.It’s dirt cheap given its location and how little work needs to be done on it, and the developers are desperate to get rid of it. Asking price is 289,900, but the other studio owner in the building got them down to 215. I bet you could do better and/or get them to hook you up with free work.


    I literally have zero stake in this whatsoever. Just know one of the other condo owners in the building.

    • Pumkinpatch,

      Thanks for the tip. I am going to call as soon as I can.

      PoP is a great blog and it really helps build a sense of community. Your tip is a glowing reminder that there are people that are sincerely interested in helping others.


  • Rant: Good friend from high school died. She was only 24. She was my pitcher on our tournament softball team, and she kicked butt; I can still remember running over from third base to give her a pep talk if the inning wasn’t going so well… 🙁

    Sad panda.

  • rant: my baby girl has the croup.

    rave: cougar party being planned, go ladies go!

  • Rave: Packing for a vacation in New Orleans – laissez les bon temps roulez!

    Rant: Have a little moisture coming from a pipe fitting in my basement. Not enough to need a plumber immediately, but I’ll have to turn my water off before I leave on vacation. In case the moisture turns into something major.

    Mal, sorry about your friend.

  • Rant: Went to Barreiro Spa in Mt Pleasant for the first time yesterday – great mani/pedi for a great price. Now I have pretty fingers and toes for my festive Friday night!

    Rave: Tooooo cold!

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