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  • All you need to know is below. It is going to be a week or two before we start getting H1N1 vaccine’s in, but season flu shots are all systems go.


  • I went to CVS’ minute clinic and got mine on thursday. It costs 30 bucks fi you dont have insurance but it was free with my insurance.

  • Interesting. I think I’ll go to CVS with my insurance card. My office building is doing a clinic this week and it’s $30 a pop.

  • For those unemployed, CVS is giving out about $3,000,000 in free vouchers for flu shots. You can get them at a One-Stop Career Center

  • I got a flu shot today, first time for me. Had my annual physical today and they asked if I wanted one, said sure why not. Both are free – considered preventative care.

  • Anon @ 3:04. They are not free. You pay for insurance and they are covered under your insurance. You are right though, that under most insurance plans, you will not pay an extra out of pocket fee for the flu shot.

  • Canada is scaling back seasonal flu shots b/c it might increase susceptibility to Swine Flu/H1N1/Mexican Death Flu. That being said, I got mine with thimerosal early September. If you ask at CVS, they might have the preservative-free flu shots in now.

  • Just FYI, most CVS stores in the DC area do not have Minute Clinic (the only one I know of is in Bethesda). Safeway offers them for $30, I think regardless of insurance coverage.

  • My office isn’t doing them until the end of the month. I WANT MINE NOW! Can I have like five?

    I fear the flu, clearly.

  • I’m allergic to egg yolks so can’t get one, but I’m in the healthcare business and they are supplying the swine one free to all employees. Pretty cool.

  • @kate and FYI for others… no CVS in DC has a minute clinic. you’ll have to travel to virginia or maryland to visit one.

  • Minute Clinics are separate from flu shot clinics. The flu shot clinics are just temporary setups near the pharmacy in any store location. Time vary by location:

    2129 14th Street NW location clinic: Oct 5, 3PM-7PM.
    1000 U Street NW clinic: Oct 6: 10AM-2PM.
    1900 7th Street NW clinic: Oct 27th: 10AM-2PM.

  • i dunno…every time i ever got a flu shot, i wound up with the flu. how does this happen?

  • I was under the impression that almost all flu going around is the H1N1 strain, so I’m wondering if there’s much point in getting the seasonal flu vaccine.

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