I Just Thougth This Was Wild – Please Explain

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Why would four identical vines of similar length change colors at different times? You can the one on the left is deep red, the one in the middle is yellow, and on the right is green. I also noticed a tree that had half yellow leaves and half green on the same tree. I haven’t stumped you guys yet – so can anyone explain this to me?

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  • Differences in sun exposure. Of course most leaves change color as the days get shorter and they receive less and less sunlight for photosynthesis. If you watch a tree, the lower leaves begin to change first, because they get less light than the leaves at the top. Then slowly the color creeps up the tree.

    The same thing is happening with the vines but from corner to edge instead of top to bottom. The vines near the edge of the buttress receive more sunlight than the ones on the left, which are in the corner. Shadows are cast from the buttress they are climbing on, and there are probably shadows from other obstructions too–other buttresses, other buildings, maybe a door propped open.

  • I’d guess it is caused by a difference in light exposure. The length of sunlight exposure is the main trigger for leaves turning colors in the fall, as well as affecting the production of sugars and other chemicals within the leaf that determine the coloration of leaves once they do turn.

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  • My (uneducated) theory is that it may also have something to do with temperature differential as well; there’s a tree behind my house where the south- and east- facing leaves have started changing before the north- and west- facing ones, where the tree is almost completely shaded by the house across the alley.

  • You’re right about the sunlight–temperature doesnt affect leaf pigment directly.

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