Anyone Know What Happened at McPherson Square This Morning?

“Dear PoP,

K St between 14th and 15th Street was blocked off with this morning. Couldn’t really see what was going on, but there was some serious police activity. Any idea what happened? ”

This is the first I’m hearing of it. Anybody working downtown hear or see what happened?

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  • Folks on the twitter are saying “suspicious package.”

  • Probably the usual “suspicious package” which is almost always a homeless person’s bag. I think MPD has new [and very time consuming] protocols for dealing with this. This falls somewhere between “better safe than sorry” and “we need to justify EOD equipment and personnel expenditures”

  • That was my first reaction, but typically, they’ll suspend metro service in the area as well (since this was 1 block from the metro entrance). The trains were runnin’ just fine, so I don’t think that was the case.

  • At about 8:15 a bus driver told my girlfriend that there was bank robbery, but everything was clear by the time I got here around 8:45 so I’m not sure if something that big would have gotten cleared out so quickly.

  • DDOT: “Suspicious package cleared at 15th and K, all streets reopened.”

  • Less crime, more arts.

  • “CRIME is honorable. ART is a disgusting mess.”
    -Frank Discussion

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