What the Helen of Troy is This?

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I can’t remember if I’ve posted this before, I don’t think I have, but they always stop me in my track when I pass them (around 1000 of S St, NW or near there). They are on the top of two rowhouses and look like solar panels except there doesn’t seem to be any cells on them. Is it just to provide shade?

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  • Until the vines grow over, S Street in Washington here “ready to receive” in private search for “Life Out There” 😉

  • I think it might be the older style of solar hot water. A neighbor of mine in the 80’s had solar hot water panels that looked like that….

  • Sure does look like a solar water heater. Nothing electric about it, just the sun heating up some pipes in a box.

  • It seems like it would be a whole lot more effective if it were painted black.

  • looks exactly like the solar hot water on my uncle’s house in PA, and also my grandparent’s house in FL. It works REALLY well. Plus it saves a lot of money. Of course you could always include an in-line tankless water heater in case there is an eclipse or something.

  • It’s great if you don’t need hot water after the sun goes down.

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