Prime Corner Property at 9th and U Streets, NW Slated to Become a Tavern!


This property is a former Horse’s Ass Award nominee. Thanks to a reader for sending the great news (albeit a bit skeptically…):

“This bears watching since it may be the currently dilapidated building featured as a Horse’s Ass award… I’ll believe it when I see it though! haha”

From the DC Register:

Posting Date: September 11, 2009
Petition Date: October 26, 2009
Hearing Date: November 9, 2009
License No.: ABRA-082871
Licensee: Brixton Pub, LLC
Trade Name: The Brixton
License Class: Retail Class “C” Tavern
Address: 901 U Street, N.W.
Contact: Candace Fitch, 202-625-7700
Notice is hereby given that this applicant has applied for a license under the D.C. Alcoholic Beverage Control Act and that the objectors are entitled to be heard before the granting of such license on the hearing date at 10:00 am, 7th Floor, Suite 7200, 941 North Capitol Street, NE, Washington, DC 20002. Petitions and/or requests to appear before the Board must be filed on or before the petition date.
New tavern with DJ and live combo bands; occupancy load is 299. Summer Garden has 134 seats for its patrons.

Sunday 10 am – 2 am, Monday through Thursday 11 am – 2 am and
Friday & Saturday 11 am – 3 am
Sunday through Thursday 6 pm – 2 am and Friday & Saturday 6 pm – 3 am

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  • I nominate the old Ontario Theater owners for a horses ass award. Prime location with great history just waiting to be made into a restaurant-venue something or other. anything but a walgreens please.

  • Can they take of the formstone?

  • YAYAYAYAYAY the nightlife continues its march towards Ledroit Park

  • It would cost some where in the neighborhood of 100k to remove that much form stone. They will more likely just paint it. I loath form stone, or Baltimore stone as I prefer to call it as it sucks, just like Baltimore…

  • Hm. So which “community group” is going to start shaking down the Brixton owners for a “donation” in exchange for not organizing opposition to their liquor license on the grounds that it would be “out of character for the neighborhood” ?

    I loath form stone, or Baltimore stone as I prefer to call it

    That is a great name for it. I’m going to start using that. We’ll see if it catches on.

  • Yeah, it would be sweet if they removed that formstone, but keep the “Liquor” sign! It would still apply if the place is turned into a tavern!

  • A tavern with a capacity of 299!?! I do forsee some neighborhood opposition.

    I kind of like the formstone though.

  • summer garden?
    s’gotta be a rooftop, right?

  • I like formstone, or, as John Waters called it, “the polyester of brick.”

  • I’ve wanted to open a bar there ever since I used to DJ at Kingpin a few years back. I love the corner lot and wanted a V shaped bar right as you come in. Hope they do it right.

  • I love formstone! What snobs you are! It’s a cheeky slap to 10,000 years of hoity toity manor houses, build by the stone cutting sweat of the Irish. You probably hate contact paper, painted screens, stoops and doilies too. Go back to Pottery Barn and bang your head against an armoire! I hope the new place serves nothing but oaky chardonay!

  • How long has that place been empty? 10 years or so at least, right?

  • Heh. victoria, your post reminded of the article the WCP did a few years ago about astroturf covered porches. I’m not as formstone averse as I used to be.

    Good to see some activity on this.

  • I miss the old Jazz Hole on U Street. I believe it was near this intersection.

    And sometimes Formstone cannot be removed without damaging the underlying brick beyond repair. It’s basically a thin layer of concrete slapped up on the building.

  • I dont know if i’d want formstone on my house but I think it looks great here and would really lend itself to a neighborhood tavern asethic. Although i know the term tavern is used lightly and this will prob be more of a douch club. but who knows.

  • Cool. Has it been open in the last 15 years? I have been in DC since 95 and I never remember it being open. Occupancy load is 299?? Wow

    BTW – What is going on at the corner of FL Ave and GA Ave in the old Popeyes building?

  • Formstone rules! I hope they replace it with cheap aluminum siding. Serves you right.

  • Five pro-formstone (fauxstone) comments here, not including hipchickindc’s. I’m stunned. What’s wrong with you people?

  • And just for the record, I love painted screens!

  • This is SUCH great news! The Ninth and U are is already great, but seeing this corner property transformed will really do wonders for the overall feel.

  • Thank God! Every single time my wife and I drive by we ask (out loud) when is someone – anyone going to renovate this place?!?!

    No on the specifics – 299 capacity – who knows. Anyone know what the capacity of Nellie’s is across the street?

  • Oooops…..”No” should have been Now…

  • just kidding…i love Baltimore – hey to my peeps at the hippo!

  • Previous applicants looking to develop this property have been required to remove the formstone by HPO, so no reason not to expect that requirement to continue.

    Their is a reasonably large back area where the summer garden could be located, though rooftop use makes sense as well. The property is actually a little larger than Nellies, extending up 9th.

    This corner has been vacant for at least 25 years and not certain, but it was probably closed during the metro construction process or earlier.

  • The comment at 11:03 is a forgery, just like Form stone is a travesty. Its hideous, and yes it can be removed. I’m getting it torn off my house! Form stone is a blight.

  • I hope the old Popeye’s isn’t going to be Fat Burger. This town is already filled with fat people.

  • ML – a neighbor of mine is contemplating a renovation but currently planning on leaving up the form stone (the original brick facade was beautiful; who knows to what extent it’s in tact below). Any good references for such restoration work of removing form stone/restoring brick? I’d love to suggest they restore the original facade…

  • Heard on the street that the people opening this up are the same people behind Marvin and Gibson!! Another great value add for ‘hood.

  • I wonder if this bunch will let PoP readers name their place too. I say we call it The Horse’s Ass Tavern.

  • lola,
    they certainly make an attractive place, but i read that as “expensive”.
    : (

  • hooray for Ricky: best name of future DC bar!!

  • I researched an article about the origins of Formstone (Permastone) and how to remove it for an article in the June 2003 old House Journal. Its usually attached to chicken wire, and most times it comes off surprisingly easy.

  • I went to the 1b ANC meeting last night and the Brixton people made their pitch for their CT license. Apparently Eric and Ian Hilton from Marvin and the Gibson plan to put in a restaurant/bar with a 200 square foot roofdeck at this building. From what they descibed – an english style pub with lower priced pub food – I think the neighborhood is in for a real treat. They said they have been eyeing the building for a long time and that they really wanted to breathe new life into it. So, I guess Lola was right…

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