Old Soldiers Home Fences Get Painted

Fence painting at Soldiers Home in DC

Since the economy took a skid we haven’t heard much about development at the Old Soldiers Home. Wayan, spotted a bit of beautification as the fences were getting painted.

Do you think the chain link part of the fence will make it more welcoming? Any predictions for when development talks may get restarted?

Does repainting the rusty Armed Forces Home fence make it pretty again?

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  • The chain link fence looks terrible. I really hope the city, when the economy improves, is able to enter a long-term ground lease with the Old Soldiers Home to turn the western park into a large city park.

  • They painted over crumbling brick. It might have been better if they had actually repaired the fences rather than slathering white paint over everything (including the sidewalks).

  • They repaired the brick parts of the fence up around Shepherd and Taylor before repainting it white.

    I agree that the western part of the grounds should be turned into parkland.

  • My hermanos latinoamericanos working hard, as usual!!! Great pics….

  • is there any way to get into these grounds (legally or otherwise) to enjoy them, have a picnic, etc.? or would one attract security attention?

  • Anon,

    You can always get a membership to the golf club and then go slowly around the holes. Last I heard, it was easy and cheap to get annual memberships. Not sure if a picnic on the fairway would get you tossed out though.

  • Nestor – is it appropriate or inappropriate in this forum to generalize about the skills of your hermanos at climbing fences? (Kidding.)

    More seriously, the fence is really too bad. Wouldn’t the old dudes who live at the Home like to see some people visiting the grounds rather than be isolated in their magnificent parkland home? Rather than fences, have Park Police and security keep the place safe, and it would be such a great property value raiser for the neighborhood.

  • You can get on the grounds, and are free to wander around, if you buy a ticket to the Lincoln Cottage:

  • “You can get on the grounds, and are free to wander around, if you buy a ticket to the Lincoln Cottage: http://www.lincolncottage.org/

    Sadly this is not the case. You are free to walk from the entrance at Upshur to the Cottage and back. And on a very specific path. You will get scolded very quickly if you veer off.

    Wayan is correct —only way to enjoy the grounds is to have a membership to the course or to have a family member in the retirement home

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