DC North Has Details on U Street Flea Market Redevelopment Plans

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The great publication DC North has some great articles this month. But one that really jumped out at me was their scoop on the U Street Flea Market, located at 9th and U, development plans. They report:

“Per an application for Federal Low Income Housing Tax Credits filed with the District’s Department of Housing and Community Development (DHCD) in July, the Jazz will bring some 153,770 square feet of new apartments and retail to the current site of Shaw’s U Street Flea Market. In total, WMATA owns three separate properties between Seventh and Ninth streets on the north side of Florida Avenue, totaling nearly 29,000 square feet, above the Green Line tunnel linking the Howard-Shaw and U Street-Cardozo stations.”

Sadly, the online version doesn’t have a photo of the rendering so be sure to pick up a paper copy outside the metro for that.

This section of U Street is on fire. First we learned of Dickson Wine Bar coming to 903 U Street, then we recently learned about the the tavern coming to the corner of 9th and U with rumors of Marvin/Gibson involvement. And now this.

I suspect some folks may miss the Flea Market. Even though I almost got my ass kicked for taking photos there, I do kinda dig it and it does seem to be a popular spot. The DC North article also says that there will be “three public, open-air plazas along Eight Street, Ninth Street and Florida Avenue” so perhaps those plazas can absorb some of the market.

Dig the plans?

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  • that market is full of stolen stuff and fuels the burglary and robbery problems we have. good riddance.

  • actually, PoP, they do have the photo from the print edition available online. all you have to do is click on the PDF link above the photograph on the story that you link to above.

  • Also glad to see it go. Just a big ‘ol fencing operation.

  • I bought some obviously stolen merchandise there one time. And then it was stolen out of my car. Good times, bad karma

  • I’ll be glad to see it go for the obvious reasons stated by earlier commenters.

  • I’m glad that it will be mixed income and not “100% affordable.”

  • I wonder if they’ll have trouble renting the apartments. Not a great market right now for anything that isn’t 100 % affordable. Or perhaps they’re banking on a different economy by the time the thing is built.

  • that flee market is the worst, glad to see it go.

  • We refer to that market at “Thieves Market”.

  • “This section of U Street is on fire.”

    Perhaps not the best turn of phrase for this neighborhood, as that section of U Street really was on fire a little over 40 years ago…

  • The U Street market is incredible. You all have a lot of hate in your hearts, for those that want to see it go. I suspect you were also happy when National Wholesale Liquidators went out of business, as both of these venues supply goods to people who may not be able to afford them otherwise. These spots support the community.

  • Good call David T–I was about to make the same observation!

  • Mark,
    No hate here, just a desire to see the single largest transfer point for stolen goods in DC closed down.

  • columbia heights dude: i don’t know about that. the flea market at 6th and neal NE across the street from galludet’s parking deck seems like a competitor for that title.

  • agreed – after Cozy Pawn at Georgia and Florida closed down, this was THE place to find your stolen bike. I know City Bikes got back at least 2 bikes that had been stolen out of their shop – still had their price tags on ’em.

  • i wonder what the new and existing tavern guys think of being across from a gigantic construction hole for a few years.

  • The best thing about that flea market is the Salvadoran food stand on the left as you walk in. Very nice ladies and great food.
    And not all the vendors there are fences BTW.

  • Federal Low Income Housing Tax Credits??

  • # home-owner Says:
    September 16th, 2009 at 8:38 am

    I’m glad that it will be mixed income and not “100% affordable.”

    Does anyone actually think that mixed income works? Wouldn’t the low income people drive out the higher incomes with their antisocial behavior?

  • I’ll be sad to see it go. While there is a lot whole lot of boot-legged DVDs, not to mention porn, and shady men who say gross things to you when you walk by, I always enjoyed perusing the items. I’ve gotten some great vintage jewelry and housewares from there for real cheap. And the Salvadorian food there is most certainly awesome, just like someone’s mama is making it, although there isn’t really a space–green, bench, or otherwise–to eat it if the small table is occupied.

  • Nate: to an extent, yes. It is also a great way to attract low-income whites, as well. Can’t beat the location, either.

  • “And not all the vendors there are fences BTW.”

    lol that’s quite an endorsement

  • Looks like the new metro stop will say georgia ave petworth d.c. flea market exit!

  • Prince Of Petworth

    This is nowhere near Petworth…

  • Read the article again. The development is slated for NORTH side of Florida Avenue. Flea Market is on the SOUTH side and won’t be touched by this development.

  • crin: no, you read the article again. this is the south side of florida avenue. you’re wrong.

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