Well This is an Odd Sign


This was posted to the window on the pizza place on U Street between 13th and 14th (near the sweet new murals). Was there an incident (dang can’t remember the name of this spot near Polly’s) at this pizza spot that I haven’t heard about?

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  • if it’s the one near Polly’s it’s just another Jumbo Slice place that also offers kabobs.

  • POP, if you mean the jumbo slice knockoff restaurant, then i can cleary see how this sign might be appropriate. that place can get a little wild

  • Great to see GLOV’s message being promoted by neighborhood businesses!

  • I feel good about this sign AND I appreciate seeing it hung prominently a local business.

    I wish it wasn’t necessary, but given the fact that the criminal who killed a gay man last summer in Shaw got charged with a misdemeanor (max 180 days in jail!) after ‘gay panic’ defense, I know it is.

  • mmm, never have any faith in the criminal justice system in dc, ever.

  • There is always alot of violence on that stretch of U st. Whether it is the middle of the day, early evening or late night. In fact, there was a fight between the police and some people from Republic Gardens. Nobody got arrested, it was just a fistfight after which the cops got in their cars and left. Very weird!!! Regardless of where you are, you should watch yourself whether your drunk or sober, alone or in a group.

  • mmm – anyone getting 180 days for killing anyone is wrong – but please provide checkable details if you are making an assertation like this.

  • victoriam, this might provide the details you’re looking for: http://www.washblade.com/thelatest/thelatest.cfm?blog_id=26353

  • dc = dodge city

  • I like the sign — reminds me of the “Safe Space” signs in the dorms at UMCP. mmm, i still can’t believe that guy got off so easily either — it’s beyond outrageous.

  • Danish is right – that particular block really turns to crap on the weekend eves and some weeknights. Lots of drug dealing and fights. Not 18th St bad, but getting there. I’ve seen 2 separate instances where waitresses at Polly’s were assaulted by psychos – one by a half naked dude on PCP.

  • This sign copy looks to be from a campaign started by the DC MPD GLLU, one of the few well-oiled (no pun intended) parts of the dysfunctional police department machine: http://gllu.org/newsroom/#safety

  • has “victoriam” been under a rock or is violence against gays only news in the GLBT community?
    and “dang” there doesn’t need to be an incident in order to post a sign. an ounce of prevention…
    i’m surprised bebar didn’t do more to promote a little knowledge, awareness and self defense amongst their patrons after the young man was killed on his way there.

  • so sad that we need a sign to remind us to be courteous to each other.

  • removing the whole gay thing from the case in question. Two georgetown students got in a fist fight and one died the same way. got knocked out and fell to the ground smashing his head and died. The student who threw the punch didnt do any time as it was a drunken altercation started by the other person and the death was an accident.
    I dont know what happened in the case linked to in the blade. But. If im walking down the street and somebody fucks with me. gay straight whatever. I think its my right to throw a punch or two. I’ve done so in the past. and if that person falls as a result and cracks their head open they can share in the blame. But again I dont know what really happened.

  • So I’m gay and I’ve had women grab me inappropiately. It’s Ok for me to deck them right? Because I’m not interested and all.

  • I dont think thats really an accurate analogy Wondering. Most people wouldnt be threatened by a lady giving you a grab. Its more about a perceived threat and the right to defend yourself from lewd drunk people. but while we’re on the subject. Would it not be ok for a woman to deck a man who molested her on the street?

  • can’t believe no one called you out for misuse of “their” 🙂

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