PoP Pho Patrol – Location of New Vietnamese Restaurant Coming to 14th Street in Columbia Heights

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Last week I wrote about a new Vietnamese restaurant, Pho Viet, Coming to 14th Street in Columbia Heights. In the comments we heard it was going to be near Parkwood. This past weekend I was lucky enough to walk by and catch one of the owners, (sadly/stupidly I didn’t catch her name). At any rate, it will be located at 3515 14th Street, NW (pictured above) just south of Parkwood and next to the Cavalier liquor store. As you can tell it is not a huge space but the owner was super enthusiastic. She said the restaurant hopes to open at the end of September or early October. Can’t wait to check it out!


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  • Pho patrol? More like the pho queue!

    I can’t wait to get some more good pho in the neighborhood!

  • This is great! Love that they’re moving in to this spot. And of course, dueling Pho makes for a nice break from dueling pollo!

  • This is a good time to remind everyone that it is actually pronounced “Fu” not “Fo” (like Fun w/o the n, not Foe). I know, but you learn something everyday.

  • I wonder what the deal is with the brokenand boarded up windows above?

  • This will be a much welcome change to what was in that building until last summer – a brothel. I don’t care what kind of food they serve there – I’ll eat it!! Kudos to the owner on bringing the change.

  • Frank,

    Hearing that this place used to be a brothel normally would turn my stomach. But because this place is serving Vietnamese food, I know the smell of fish sauce will overpower any stench left behind by any previous activity. Bring on the Bun Thit Nuong!

  • fish sauce. previous activity. hmmmmm.

  • This is a good time to remind everyone that English speakers need not pronounce foreign words in foreign accents. Order a croissant at a bakery and pronounce it like a frenchman, or tell people you’re about to travel to M

  • Classy building, classy neighborhood. Looks like someone died in that apartment upstairs.

  • I spoke with someone at the restaurant last week, and he told me the place will actually be called Saigon Cafe. He said they’ll serve pho as well as “sandwiches, and pretty much anything Vietnamese.”

    He also pegged the opening date as next month, which in restaurant speak could mean December.

  • Prince Of Petworth

    @Orr, it looks like it is your guy versus my lady. I spoke to her on Sunday right in front of the restaurant and she confirmed the name Pho Viet. She also said they’d aim to open “late Sept. early Oct.”. We’ll see what happens!

  • Pho Hoe

  • Who cares what it’s called, tell them my order is ready for opening day! One Saigon shrimp and pork noodle soup, one rice vermicelli with grilled pork, two crispy spring rolls and some grilled quail. To go.

  • “pronounced

  • Please don’t mug me Saigo Cafe or Pho Viet.

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