Horse’s Ass Award – Reader Request


“Please take a look at the southeast corner of 7th St and Q Street NW…an abandoned liquor store has sat there for years.”

And while we’re looking at abandoned old liquor stores I’d also like to nominate one on the corner of 9th and U Street, NW:


These are both prime properties that one only hopes will be fixed up soon. I really hope they are being taxed at the vacant rate…

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  • Is there any way to confirm that a vacant property is being taxed at the vacant rate? There are several houses in my neighborhood that I know are vacant. I want to check to confirm that they are being taxed at the vacant rate so that they’ll either move in or sell it. Anyone else wondering about this? How can I check it?

  • TaxRate: it may not be completely up to date, but it’s the best you’re going to get. DCRA also publishes a list here,a,1343,q,625194,dcraNav,|33408|.asp

  • Go to:

    For example, you will see that 34, 32, and 30 Q St NW are all taxed at Rate 1- Residential, even though they are all abandoned. (34 is being worked on)

  • I find it interesting that closing the liquor stores didn’t drive away the loiterers. Let that be a lesson the next time someone argues that liquor stores are a blight on a community. Having those stores open wouldn’t change the behavior outside at all, but it would improve the streetscape a lot.

  • Both of these properties annoy me greatly, and don’t really make sense from an economic standpoint. Why pay high property taxes, forgo rental income, and hold property in a declining-value property market? It truly makes no sense. Rehab loans can be had relatively easily still- particularly by Sendar, who owns the 7th and Q property above and also owns Big Wheel Bikes in Bethesda. Part of it is certainly an element of greed and speculation in anticipation of what it’ll be worth years down the road (ie slumbanking). Lastly, the owners of these properties are often suburbanites who don’t care about the condition of their properties or churches who often want to tear them down for parking or don’t have the financial resources or will to rehab them.

  • sg: i thought sendar owned the property at 9th and Q (the “slum historique” building), not the one pictured above. looking at the DC tax records would seem to confirm this. i find the owner of the buildilng at 7th and Q is “WILLIAMS SEVEN STREET LLC.”

  • Imgoph- My bad! It would be slander, but the point stands because he still has that cluster of property at 9th and Q. No excuse for it

  • doing anything to the Le Slum Historique building will be such a huge gunfight. The worst thing for Shaw is the fact that it houses Shiloh baptist church. Two unrelated sentences…

  • See this new site from the DC Office of Planning:

    It gives photo, square/lot map, and vital statistics about zoning, ownership, historic districts, etc. If you use IE it links directly to google street views (but not if you use firefox)

  • Interesting. Apparently the southern boundary of Petworth for tax purposes is the middle of Quincy Street. That makes me an unwitting imposter on this blog.

  • See this for a 1924 view of the building at 9th & U when it was a pick-up outlet for Palace Laundry:

  • So if a house is vacant but isn’t being taxed as such, how would you go about reporting that to the right people?

  • I believe the liquor store at 7th & Q is owned by Warren Williams Jr (seems to go along with the Williams Seven Street LLC noted above), who I believe is the same person the DC government was going to award with the administration of the DC lottery (a quick google search should confirm)…this property at 7th & Q was for sale months ago for $1.3 MILLION a while back but is no longer on the market – the owner got the vacancy tax rate changed back to class 2 for 2009, owes $21,000 in taxes and hasn’t paid anything…

    It has a crowd of 5 to 15 people that hang outside of it every day (they even bring their own furniture and store it there at night), and they use the alleys off of Q Street as their own personal bathrooms…

    Thanks for posting Prince…now if someone could do something about it…No Loitering signs might be a start…

  • oh, noooo…not the stinky whore building! how can they desecrate those wonderful signs with those stupid posters? that used to be a bike shop not too long ago, non? or next to a bike shop? BRING BACK THE BIKE SHOP!!! and keep the original signage….loved “patisserie de la putaine…wot? wot’s the last word, the one for stinky?

  • crin: that OP website is amazing! fantastic find!

    now, can you find a map key? i’d like to know what the difference is between the lots represented in darker and lighter shades of orange/beige/whatever color that is.

  • The property at 9th and U was for sale not to long ago until around May/June. Now there’s a FOR LEASE sign outside. Maybe this will help someone get motivated to open up something in the space. I can only imagine how much they were originally trying to sell that piece of crap for. Such an eyesore.

  • I walked by the Q street place last last night and caught a nice hot steamy wiff of evaporated urine. Yuck.

  • I think the building at 9th and U would be a prime location for a good diner. It could cater to the late nighters from 9:30 Club, Town, Nellie’s, etc., Howard students, morning commuters, neighborhood residents, etc.

  • I discussed the nuisance property taxation rate with Nicholas Majett at DCRA earlier this year, and he let me know that DCRA was were loathe to impose the nuisance property tax rate because it was a large increase and was unfair to the property owners. He had no sympathy for my statement that nuisance properties were a blight on the whole block. I sympathize with problems owners might be having, and I’d like generally lower taxes as well, but I was appalled at this attitude from someone who should be helping improve the city infrastructure. So, when you spend years staring at burned out shells in what should be some of the most sought after real estate in the world, thank Nicholas…

    On a related note, the city has a nuisance abatement team which technically can visit nuisance properties and make repairs / upkeep and then bill the owners appropriately. Why the team technically exists, it apparently only has a handful of staff.

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