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I mentioned this spot in the H Street, NE PoPtrekker last week. Well, I was just able to attend their media preview and it is pretty damn sweet. The H Street Country Club is located at 1335 H Street, NE. It has two very distinct feels. On the first floor, pictured above, you have a more bar/restaurant type setting with a bar near the entrance and further to the back you have two pool tables, two shuffle board tables, some tvs, a jukebox, and some skee ball.

Upstairs is where it gets really interesting. Why? Because that is where you can find the indoor putt putt. Which is as insane in reality as it sounds. But it is awesome. It is a 9 hole course with names like U Street, K Street Lego Lawyers, The Awakening of Marion Barry etc. It will cost $7 dollars.


Upstairs, in addition to the putt putt course, you’ll also find another bar, another jukebox, and tables.


I didn’t have the chance to sample any food but you can see the menu here. I did however sample the guava margarita that very nearly kicked my ass. I imagine the drinks will make putt putt slightly more interesting. You can see the drink menu here.

I have to say this place really seems like it is set up to be a huge success. And that I think will probably be it’s only flaw. Given the fact that this place is so unique, I really believe it’s going to be smashed crowded. I suspect that may get a bit frustrating if you’re waiting on line for the putt putt.

Nevertheless, the uniqueness of this spot is surely something to be applauded. Now if only they had a ping pong table…

The grand opening will be Wed., May 27th. Enjoy! Lots more photos of the 6,800 square foot space after the jump.

From the U Street putt putt hole (actual hole is between the buildings):







Downstairs bar:


Some downstairs seating:


I love this game:



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  • This is gonna be awesome. Dig the “awakening” sculpture.

  • What’s keeping the ball on the golf course? Won’t they just slide into the walkway where drunks can slip on them?

    Between this and the Capital City Diner, H Street is developing a great mix of upscale fun and lowbrow dining/entertainment. I can see this place getting really crowded on the weekends.

  • I can’t explain why H St. is so much of a destination. It lacks metro. Not exactly the nicest or safest area. But something draws people there. I was at Sticky Rice a while back and it was PACKED! You’d think that any area in NW should trump almost any area in NE. It seems H St. is the exception.

  • H St.’s playground is a good 12 blocks from the rear of Union Station as far as Metro is concerned, but there is a free shuttle that runs from Chinatown.

    I’m really excited to see what is to come, as I have really grown to love hanging out here.

  • Maybe with the country club being so packed it’ll open up more tables at G’moores and Sticky. 🙂

  • @ Nate – What makes you think H Street is neither safe nor nice? I go there regularly for lunch and have had less street hassle on H than I’ve ever had in certain parts of NW that will remain nameless.

    Also, Sticky Rice is packed because it’s the ONLY place to get sushi in the neighborhood and the price point is just right.

  • I’ve been looking forward to this for forever. Yesss

  • @Nate —

    I think H St is such a destination largely because of the efforts of Joe Englert to open several new nightlife destinations, and to promote them at his own expense over the last several years. It was a hugely risky move for him to do. Entrepreneurs and business owners are underappreciated in DC in my opinion.

  • @Nate- I’ve never had any of the problems I had in Petworth on H Street NE. Not to say the area is perfectly safe, but I’ve never seen the blatant crime that surrounds the Petworth Metro. Plus, it’s an easy jaunt on the X2 or shuttles from Union Station and Chinatown, or short cab ride from the Hill, and lower NW. Besides, they have better restaurants and bars than perhaps all of Columbia Heights and Petworth. People should take notice. Horace & Dickies, Granville Moore’s, Sticky Rice, Tayle Gourmet, Good Danny’s….all they need is a decent pizza joint.

  • Did ever occur to anyone that a lot of people who go out on H Street actually LIVE over that way and are not all trekking in from VA or upper NW. I have a lot of friends on Hill, Hill East, H Street Area and parts around Gallaudet and they have been waiting desperately for places on their side of town.

  • Anon @ 10:53, I think you’ve got it. I am in fact moving from Columbia Heights to the area around Gallaudet this coming weekend.

  • Well, its a new area, that’s why its so crowded (though, i kind of dispute that it’s really crowded in terms of lots of people. There are only a few places, and with a few exceptions, they are all pretty small, so it seems like there are more people than there actually are). But I like it because its like an empty slate, so they can do this kind of crazy stuff and get away with it. The rents are just too high in other parts of the city that it is impossible to justify taking up so much “drinking space” with a putt putt course.

    And as to safety, this area is actually going to get more “unsafe” in the technical crime-report sense. Up until now, there weren’t many rubes to rob in that area (or at least rubes that would report it to the police). As more people flood to the area, expect more unlocked cars (leading to more ‘break-ins’), expect more idiots unaware of their surroundings, expect more of everything (and hopefully more H street festival, cuz I really like that).

  • yea, i can walk to h street from my house which puts it at a huge advantage over anywhere in northwest

  • this looks phenomenal. wow.

  • @ Solong – Philadelphia Water Ice Company does a pretty decent pizza, but they easily have the best cheesesteak in town. On Amoroso bread that’s trucked down every week.

  • This joint seems a little bit gimmicky to me, I predict huge crowds for a few months, and then inconsistency a la Comet Ping Pong.

  • @nate: for those of who actually LIVE in the forgotten quadrants, H St. is the best thing poppin outside of NW, that’s why the restaurants are packed.

  • “@ Nate – What makes you think H Street is neither safe nor nice? I go there regularly for lunch and have had less street hassle on H than I’ve ever had in certain parts of NW that will remain nameless.”

    Not to keep picking on you Monkey, but you think H Street is “safe and nice” and you think the 1200 block of W street is dicey?

    Umm… H street is about 75% boarded up storefronts. The housing stock is run down, and apart from the handful of businesses that cater to hipsters and have opened in the last 3 years, it’s a shithole. Nice? By anyone’s objective measures, you must be kidding. Safe? Sure, walking around the three blocks where people shuffle between the new bars/restaurants until about midnight or 1 is pretty safe, because there are cops staking the place out all the time.

    I know a couple people who live in Trinidad north of H street and none of them find it particularly safe, which is why they bike or drive everywhere. One told me she’d been mugged three times in her first three months walking home from H Street.

    I am not knocking H street. I think the new businesses are great and I have no doubt it will improve dramatically as the years go by. I go there fairly often and it has great potential. But this is a highly transitional neighborhood. There are really no services other than the bars and restaurants. Comparing crime statistics to Columbia Heights (not that anyone has done so other than anecdotally) makes no sense because Columbia Heights has about 10 times the population density.

  • @ Jamie – Actually, I said that 12th Place had a drug dealer family living there when I lived on 13th. They’re gone so, no, I don’t think W Street is “dicey” anymore, thanks to the more well-informed folks on this blog.

    And I think H Street is relatively safe because I haven’t been raped there. Yet.

    Sure. Trinidad and Ivy City ain’t Penn Quarter. But we’re not talking about them. We’re talking about a major transit corridor with a lot of foot traffic and more retail development coming online all the time. And “run down housing stock?” Try walking south towards Maryland Avenue and you’ll find some great old houses in excellent condition. But you’re right. There are a few rundown properties. Why do you think people are moving there? Because compared to the rest of Capitol Hill, it’s still a relatively affordable neighborhood.

    As for getting mugged, is there a place in DC where you can’t get mugged? The poster above has it right: as more people gravitate towards H Street, that’s more wallets for people to mug. But I’m willing to wait until this summer to see whether the H Street crime levels rise, fall, or stay the same.

  • Well, I agree that H Street is mostly a craphole, but H Steet does have “city” services. By that I mean that until the CityVista Safeway opened up a year or so ago, Penn Quarter had no grocery store. So they were missing an *essential* service necessary for living. H Street at least has a grocery store (Murry’s), a drug store (Rite Aid), some banks, and an assortment of random stores (there’s a frickin’ game stop in that strip mall). But they are all “city” quality. For instance, that Murry’s is horrible It’s literally boxes of food just opened up, sitting in the aisles, not on the shelves (the boxed/canned foods, not vegetables, etc.). Can’t quite understand why anyone puts up with that, and why people can’t take pride in whatever work they do (even if its stocking shelves in a supermarket). But, yea, it would be mostly a craphole for any of the hipsters, yuppies, grew-up-in-suburbia, etc., people that read this blog. But is it a burned out unlivable area? No.

    Also, can we just ban Monkey from commenting on any posts. I’ve never read anything worthwhile from him/her, and the attempts at jokes are just too forced, too try-too-hard. It’s like a little kid jumping up and down screaming look at me.

  • As a 10 year resident of the H street corridor, I have to say there was a time not long ago that I wouldn’t even drive down H, nevermind walk down it at 10 p.m. but now, its nice to be able to walk to a coffee shop (Sova) on a Saturday a.m., to Sticky Rice on a Sunday evening, to Taylor for a quick sandwich, or down to the Saturday farmer’s market on 6th street on a Saturday. The Country Club will be just one more option for a local to frequent as long as its not packed with folks from Northern VA who expect pristine surroundings. The grit of H street is indeed a bit tough but I think its an evolving neighborhood and most of my neighbors fully support and frequent if not all, most of the new [and old] establishments.

  • All I can say is, I’ve been waiting for this for a long time, and I’m excited. Now we just need a good pizza joint, a yoga studio, a bagel place, another sushi option… all with the quirk we’ve come to know and love on H Street.

  • @2:09; there’s already a yoga studio at 410 H Street. I think its owned by Liz Glvoer of Wonkette / Washington-gossip fame.

  • New Citi Pizza is a good pizza joint.

  • whos that hot girl in the hut?

  • agree with the gimicky concept.
    no seating.
    charge for pool and shuffleboard.
    probably not gonna last.

  • this place looks fantastic.
    i have h street envy, but at least its only a 90 bus away.

  • I agree with the thread earlier,Is there any place in DC that one can’t get mugged ?.As a 10 year resident in the H street corridor,I think Joe has done a great job with the venues that he has opened.The corridor use to be an arm pit,to say the least.

    Thanks for all the people that support H street

  • I agree with the thread earlier,Is there any place in DC that one can’t get mugged ?.As a 10 year resident in the H street corridor,I think Joe has done a great job with the venues that he has opened.The corridor use to be an arm pit,to say the least.

    Thanks for all the people that support H street

  • Rock and Roll Hotel is a building away as well, which always is jam packed to the walls with all the national and local bands and djs they host. Be it a Wednesday (Holy Fuck tonight anyone?) or a Saturday (Au Revoir Simone people?), they’ll be hundreds of people just door steps away from the country club. That should drive business and exposure for sure.

    H St NE is not like a single other neighborhood of DC and holds a closer to tie to places like Austin, Brooklyn, and New Orleans. Unique and original to say the least.

  • Anon 4:55- agreed. Rocket Bar charges for pool and shuffleboard and they’re never packed. check that, they are huge and still have a line out the door on the weekend.

  • I was at one of the mock services this past weekend — tried the food and drinks …

    Must say I was VERY impressed with the whole vibe of the place — there is not one place like it in D.C. that has the same young and hip feel … I sat for dinner and tried appetizers, main and dessert and gotta say it was all very good, particularly the duck (Most expensive on the menu at $22) — but there are other less expensive options that are very good as well…

    They will sell a truck load of appetizers and may need to clear out a table or two for space upstairs so people can get to the bar while waiting for mini-golf but overall — the place rocks and I wish them all the best.

    Small but nice touch: the super air blasting hand dryers in the bathrooms which must be used and seen to be appreciated.

    There will be some growing pains as in any business and they have Joe Englert’s experiences to fall back on when they need to change and adapt. The comment about the Rock N Roll hotel being next door was right on, there is a group of people there most nights looking for places to go … This place will be absolutely packed by the H St. crowd and local students looking for a great time …

  • @ Anon 4:55 — Tons of seating dude.

    Didn’t momma teach you to not judge a book by its cover.

    I bet you’re great at profiling your online dates, too.

  • I agree with PoP; this place will be to busy to be fun. Which sucks.

    (Also, congrats, PoP for being quoted in the Express blog log!)

  • I gotta say Comet Ping Pong is still going to kick ass,(though there pizza is way over priced for what it is) Free ping pong!!! come on!! if they had made it free, or at least free to play golf on some nights then it would be alright, I am sure I will go, just to see the place. Also heard they are to put 9 holes on the roof as well, hope that works out, but would not want to pay another $7 for that round. It really should have been free with dinner, or like $2. Thats an extra $14 for a date, and I can’t justify jsut going there and having dinner and playing only 9 holes, that will take a whole of what, 20 mins. Comet you can play for so long there, plus the now have BELLS bear straight from Kalamazoo, Michigan!!!

  • I am suprised no one has mentioned The Palace of Wonders, isn’t that place near the new H street country club? Have been wanting to go there too, really wish the area was metro accessible, really don’t need my car broken into again. Plus, cute girl in the rental club house!!! Oh they need to get one of those golf simulators where you can hit the ball at the screen, or at least a Wii with the new Tiger Woods 10. They need more golf!

  • we really need a family fun place in DC too, or very close to DC, that isn’t shady, nice go carts, video games, put put, with 2, 18 hole courses and batting cages. Nothing like that seems to exist, or if I am mistaken, help me out, [email protected] I would really like to know of a place like that. There are places with go carts, (near Dulles) east potomac golf course has put put, but not everything, we really need a good place like that. Hmm maybe thats an incentive for me to open a place up!

  • it’s been done.



    come on dc, step up your game!

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