Fire at 13th and Otis Streets, NW This Morning

photo, originally uploaded by Prince of Petworth.

Thanks to a reader for sending the photo. It looks like it has been pretty well contained. I’m surprised it wasn’t the vacant (red) house on the corner as that house has been boarded up for ages.

From DCFireEMS on Twitter, it was a first floor fire with no injuries and is now out.

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  • Props, PoP, on the speedy post! Emergency crews were only just responding to that around 9:20/9:30!

    I’m glad to hear no one was hurt – with the overwhelming DCFD response (at least two, possible three alarm style) I thought the thing was going down in flames!

    …and I too assumed it was the red house on the corner, which I have always assumed was a front for something…just something about the element that hangs out in front of those three places, next to it and the sign on one of those doors that says “do not knock on the window”…

  • yeah. anyone know whats up with the boarded house? I called once to find out how much it was. There was a number spray painted on it at one point. this was at the height of the bubble but the price was laughable even then. I cant recall but I literally laughed and hung up.

  • I do not get landlords or property owners who let properties or store fronts sit vacant. Even before some of the tax loop holes were closed. you make zero dollars a year on a vacant property. If i have a store and ask a crazy rent and it sits vacant for a year. i have actually lost money paying taxes and making no rent. If i rent the store for 300 bucks a month. it gets filled. and at least pays the taxes. no? what am i missing? how is holding out for unreasonable rents ever more viable than renting quickly at a reasonable price? in the case of this house i’ve watched it sit empty for 5 years. if the owners had sold at the height for market rate and put the money into just a savings account they would have a lot more than what its worth now. a hair over 190k as a shell im guessing. what gives?

  • Sounds like maybe it’s for sale “in name only” 😉

    That said, I did find a listing from the end of this past April pricing the place at $550K with 6 or 8 bedrooms and multiple kitchens…Of course I only saw that one posting on a website called Kijiji, which I have never heard of before…


  • I’ve often wondered about that house as well, it’s a shame it’s been vacant so long. Being a corner house, it has a negative impact on two streets. I wish someone would do something with it already.

  • I heard from someone who lived around there that the red house was stuck in legal limbo because of legal wrangling between the deceased owner’s family.

  • I moved in recently to 13th and Otis to the house with the giant black fire escape and I was officially creeped out by that red house next door – there are so many nice houses around, it’s just too bad no one does something with it.

    And also, where was the fire? What time did it happen?

  • It was yesterday morning around 9am…first floor of the white house one door down from the boarded up red one on the corner…

  • Boomhauer is correct. I have met the owner/seller, Mr Robinson. He showed me one of his other properties. He is very willing to make a deal. For instance, he was asking $300 K for another property, but I told him I was aware the house next door sold for $190. He said, “I’m aware of that too, make me an offer.” Boy, I wish I had met him sooner because he would not be difficult to do business with!

    Phone number is on the house. He doesn’t exactly have a Bluetooth glued to his ear, but it’s worth playing a little phone tag to see a good property. He only wants to sell to principals.

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