Washington, DC


Last week Raz looked at the Embassies from Passport DC .

As a follow-up to my Saturday excursion at Passport DC last weekend, I checked out the EU Embassies’ Open House this Saturday. I was crunched for time with a weekend of Mother’s Day activities, so I just stopped by the Poland and Lithuania embassies, which are on 16th St, right near Meridian Hill Park. I live in Mt. Pleasant, so those were the only two closeby.

I am sad to say that I was not too impressed with this event. I should have known that it wouldn’t be as good as last weekend when I didn’t see any line outside the embassies. The Poland embassy has beautiful details in its architecture and decoration. They were serving some kind of perogi and sausage. There was a long line and I wasn’t hungry, so I skipped over that to try a sip of Polish beer, which wasn’t my cup of tea. There was a long line for the food and they were running out of things. I heard someone joke that it was like the Soviet days.


The Lithuanian embassy was a more modern building with glass doors and a lot of light. They had some photographs and artwork on display. They had a beautiful dining room with a gorgeous chandelier.

I had a lot more fun at the Passport DC event last weekend. There were a lot of special events, activities and demonstrations. Maybe I chose two embassies that did not have as much to offer as the others, but for a short walk down the street, I was glad to have seen what a few more embassies look like on the inside.

Anyone have a better experience?


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