Fisherman of Men Church – Literally?

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This is the church at Quebec and Georgia that I mentioned a few weeks ago because it used to be a movie theater in the 1920s. Anyway, I’ve always loved the name – Fisherman of Men Church. But this weekend I noticed dozens of seagulls on the roof. I’m just saying…

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  • LMFAO!!! Matthew 4:19 FAIL!!!!

  • Even though I’m a member of the tribe, I know that in the New Testament, the disciples were told to be fishermen of men. That’s where the church got its name.

  • I’m a member of A Tribe Called Quest, but I do know that it’s “fishers of men,” and they got it wrong.

  • A sign saying “Fishers of Men” might go well in Dupont, but perhaps not on GA.

    I for one have always wondered why they need such a big building. That place is huge! Do they use the whole thing, or just one area?

  • I’m a heathen, I don’t get it.

  • Even heathens can use the google to see Matthew 4:19! (I just tried it and didn’t burst into flames so I know its safe)

  • Pennywise, I was looking for the easy way.

  • Speaking of google – it’s worth checking out their website. They are members of the COOLJC, which is a great acronym for Church Of Our Lord Jesus Christ, Inc.. ” During the seven years in which the church was held in his home, hundreds were baptized in Jesus Name, many were baptized with the Holy Ghost, speaking with other tongues; and many were healed by the laying on of hands through faith and the power of the living Christ. ” It’s been around since 1969 – has had weekly radio broadcasts since the mid 1970’s and yes, there are photos of the interior:

  • That’s impressive! Given the appearance of the outside I had pegged the inside as pretty nasty. Good for them!

  • To be fair, “fishers of men” is just the English translation. I don’t read Greek, but I assume the two translations are roughly equivalent, though “fisherman of men” is a little awkward.

    But that roof looks like a sequence from “The Birds”. Yuck.

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