Gunshots in Manor Park?

A reader writes:

“I live near the intersection of New Hampshire and N Capitol Streets. I guess this is the Manor Park neighborhood.  For the last few nights we’ve heard gunshots each night.  This is unusual for us.  Each time we’ve called to report them to the police, but only once (last night) have we heard sirens following the incident. I’m curious to know if anyone else in the neighborhood has heard the gunshots and if they know any more about it?”

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  • I live at 3rd and Hamilton NW, not too far from your location (about 3-4 blocks). I hear “gunshots” quite a bit, although I can never be sure of the actual cause/identify of the noises. I’ve called the cops many times.

    One key in getting police attention seems to be calling the non-emergency number, as opposed to 911 (or having 911 pass your call to non-emergency). Another key seems to be stating that the noises ARE gunshots (even if you’re not sure). This will get the cops out, at the very least. They may send the bike cop who hangs at 3rd and New Hampshire, which is what they did once for my call. And keep on it… always call, every time.

    In my opinion, these are likely not gunshot noises we hear, but I guess ya never know.

  • Or you could address the reason why people are shooting at each other.

  • I’m at Hamilton and N.Capitol, and I’ve heard them too for the last few nights. I also have called 911 to report them. It is difficult to pinpoint where they are coming from, though, so I wonder if they police just don’t know where to go?

    I am relieved that other people are also calling these in.

  • I live on Gallatin and 1 street , but I haven’t heard any shots lately….What time are they occurring? I always call 911 for anything out of the ordinary. So much so, I was able to have a beat cop patrol the area where I live. It is very important to call 911, cause they allocate resources in response to emergency calls and other factors.

  • I live at 1st and Ingraham. i heard a loud, syncopated banging noise yesterday evening that was definitely not gunshots, but might be mistaken for that by someone unfamiliar with guns. not sure what it was, but there were about a dozen of these bangs evenly spread out over about 30 seconds; it almost sounded like someone dropping a manhole cover on asphalt.

  • PabloMa: what non-emergency number are you calling? I’ve been told that for ALL police service requests we should call 911 – emergency or not.

  • I would guess the non-emergency number PabloMa referenced would probably be 311.

    So, Anon, how does one tell the difference between gunshots and loud gunshot-like sounds? I’ve heard rifle shots and I’ve fired handguns at a shooting-range, so I have some experience with them. Sometimes I think certain noises are just dumpster lids banging, but what I’ve heard (not just last night, but several nights before) sounded enough like gunshots that they should be checked out.

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