Good Deal or Not? Former House of the Day Edition


Remember this sweet corner house that I featured a while back? I love when former houses of the day go on the market because we can finally see what they look like on the inside. This home is located at 1732 21st Street, NW:

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The flier says:

“The jewel box on 21st Street! Why pay condo fees when you can own a house? The charming tile-roofed exterior opens to a meticulous renovation inside. High ceilings, hardwoods, 2 fireplaces, built-ins galore. Stunning custom bath with granite vanity and stone shower, master with bay window and French doors, renovated kitchen & more. PLUS just blocks to THE circle, Metro, stores & cafes! Owner/Agent”

You can find more info and a virtual tour here. Sadly, I couldn’t get a permanent link so just type DC6933110 into the “search by MLS # box” after clicking on “search for a home”.

So it’s a pretty small house with 2 bedrooms and 1.5 bathrooms. But they have 2 fireplaces. It’s on the market for $850,000. Think a small house in a good location can go that high? What do you think of the house itself?

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  • I think this house has been on the market for a while now.

  • What! No stainless appliances? Seriously, it looks like a sweet little house with lots of bells and whistles, but considering its size and that it sits at a busy intersection, I think they may have a tough time with that price in this market.

  • I really like this house and the location is fantastic, but I dont have the $ to buy it. The question is: will someone who can afford this house pay $850K in this market? I think its gonna have a tough time selling with that kitchen. Its not bad, but its very small and way to unique. If I am a buyer in the $850K in a buyers market, I would be too worried about my long term investment and probably look at something else.

  • Yeah, while there might still be some competition for the, say, under $400k properties, in this segment of the market you probably either need a jumbo loan or to sell an existing property first (no easy feat). And if you look at sales over the past couple of months it’s really only the low-end and mid-range homes that are selling. So if I was buying a house at this end of the market I’d be looking for a seller to give me a helluva deal… and this isn’t it.

  • This is the most male homosexual house I have ever seen. I mean, the muted color decor with subtle, but not-too-feminine Laura Ashley-esque touches? The dark marble master bath? The ultra-modern dressing room?

    Does it come with a lhasa apso?

  • Here’s a more direct link for the lazy:

    I also think it’s cute, but too much money.

    And on a tangent, I don’t get stainless steel, I mean it’s ugly and doesn’t actually perform better, right?

  • I think stainless steel appliances are the most over rated thing in home decor ever. I let my partner talk me into a “stainless” refrigerator when we had to replace it. It’s in constant need of wiping down as it shows EVERY mark. I think stainless appliances are only important to those that don’t use the kitchen. On the up side, I finally figured out how my kitty was able to get on top of the kitchen cabinets.

  • Good deal for three reasons. Location. Location. Location. You won’t find any house three blocks to the DuPont metro much cheaper. Heck, you can’t find a house in DuPont much cheaper. It may be small, but some people want to live in that area, and that’s the cost.

  • I think it will sell for something close to that price. And despite all the comments about size, 1350 sq ft isn’t that tiny – it’s about the same size as an average Petworth rowhouse (not counting basement). The location is what makes it worth it. Seriously, there are very few houses on the market for this price in this neighborhood. It does kind of make you wonder though why the owners didn’t renovate the kitchen first – for that price you want a house in pristine condition. Also looking at the master bath, my bet is this was a 3BR house they converted to 2BRs in order to have a master bath. And spent so much money on the bath there was none left to do the kitchen…

  • For Drewlove try getting rid of the cat instead. Problem solved!

  • Get rid of Izzy? NEVER!

  • This house looks like 4 different designers each got to pick a room and decorate how ever they wanted. The styles are wayyy off from each other.

  • I once owned a similar, triangle shaped house in Logan, about the same size. What agents won’t tell you is there is no way to get anything except a custom built, split double bed box spring upstairs! And I only paid $90k for mine in 1992!

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