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New Mural on the Side of Mama Ayesha’s Completed

by Prince Of Petworth — January 21, 2009 at 2:00 pm 16 Comments


And it’s pretty sweet! This is located on Columbia Road on the side of Mama Ayesha’s right after you cross the Ellington bridge heading from Woodley Park to Adams Morgan.

You’ll see all the Presidents from Eisenhower to Obama with Mama Ayesha in the middle. And there is even space for one more future president. I think it came out really well. What do you guys think – thumbs up or down? It was done by Karla Rodas who is President of Karlisima Murals & Design. More photos after the jump.




  • christopher

    at first glance i thought they were standing with an informally dressed pope… oops!

  • Anonymous

    They should’ve made the dead presidents have that dead Jedi glow.

  • NateG


    “Mama Ayesha, the force will be with you… always”

  • Chewy

    I was thinking the ex-presidents should be dressed up like the SNL cartoon!!

    But yeah, it’s a little corny, but I like it!

  • Chewy

    Except for that empty grey spot…that is an eyesore! Paint it all in and then paint in the presidents as necessary…

  • So the next prez is just going to be chilling out by himself. Seems kind of mean.

  • Sunshine

    Maybe the grey is symbolic – “entering a post-racial USA, possibilities are endless/undefined?”

  • Redhead

    Or paint in a typical suited body and leave the grey head with a question mark over the face. A conversation starter. Maybe make the suited body be wearing a skirt.

  • Firefly

    Looks great! I saw the artist Karlisima working many months to complete the mural. Well done! Beautiful mosaic flags too.

  • Wanksta

    I like how the artist chose to include the mummified corpse of William Henry Harrison there on the right.

  • Anonymous

    they make them all look the same height. Obama is like a foot taller than that chimp Bush.!

  • Chewy

    @ Wanksta – HAHAHAHAHAHA!!!

    I guess there is 13 of them if you count Mummy Harrison…maybe it should have been a Last Supper-esque type of mural, except they could be eating some naan, dals, curry, and rice?!?

  • saf

    Chewy – why would they be eating Indian at a Lebanese restaurant?

  • Chewy

    FAIL! I went there once when I was dating my now-wife who lived nearby and had a fair amount of wine before heading down there…guess I had more than I thought! Not too embarrasing…

  • Anonymous

    Chewy – I was thinking Last Supper too!

    Anon at 6:24p – its over man. Let your negativity go. Today marks the time to move on.

  • Parkwood Person

    I love it!


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