Good Deal or Not? Red Brick Edition


This home is located at 2033 13th Street, NW.

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The flier says:

“Great opportunity for the savvy investor to reap the benefits of a tenant in place. Beautifully renovated 3 level brick row with all the bells and whistles. Main house 3 BR, 2/12 baths , open floor plan, cooks kitchen, breakfast area leading to a deck. Lower level unit is extremely high end featuring double vanity, jacuzzi tub, sept. shower. Lower level is vacant. Current rent is $3,600 monthly.”

More info and a bit of a dizzying virtual tour found here.

I remarked on this house before because I find the brick to be very striking. I also think this is one of the best locations in the city. However, I am very skeptical that the current rent for the lower level is $3,600, that seems insane to me, right? Or am I just out of the loop? So this home is on the market for $1,175,000 – any chance it’ll go for that?

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  • Uh… yeah, $3600 for a 1br basement is more than double what is realistic… maybe it’s $3600 rent for the whole house? That seems a little low to me, but would make more sense than that for the basement.

  • it’s amazing to see how much things have gone up on that block. i lived there 4 years ago, and we rented a whole house (lower level and upper levels) for $1900/month. split 5 ways, it made for some easy priced living!

  • I live in a basement less than a block away, and my rent is $1,500. My upstairs neighbor has all three levels above and pays $5,000.

  • it says the basement is vacant so i think the upper level is the part that’s rented out for $3K…

  • Not a chance. I live in a similar sized English Basement in G-town, completey redone and pay $2200 a month. And that includes utilities, cable and twice a month maid service.

  • The Studio Theatre van is usually parked in the general vicinity. I guess someone who works there gets vehicle take home privileges.

  • i like the looks of this one better. prob needs a little work but 400,000 less

  • Great location. I read it as saying the upper level is rented out for 3600, not the lower level.

  • Less than a block from the Metro, how much more convenient could it get?

  • “the convenience of a tenant in place” ???
    If I were paying $1.1million, I would want to actually live there. I think the tenant is a liability if anything.

  • Um that rent is RIDICULOUS! I live at 12th and U and pay more than a thousand dollars less for 2BR/2BA. unbelievable they think they can get anyone to pay that. If it’s for the top floors, it makes a lot more sense.

  • My guess is tenant in place on upper floors for $3,600. LL vacant but could also be rented. You could (barely) make the case from an investor perspective that you could support the price on $5k income per month. (of course, that’s assuming no expenses…)

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