Mural of the Day

DSCN3416, originally uploaded by Prince of Petworth.

I had to get this one up for posterity. I suspect it won’t be around for too much longer. Anyone recognize where this is from?

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  • It’s off U street on what used to be a soviet themed club (don’t you wish that were still around?) the club was right beside Republic Gardens. As my husband recalls, it closed back in the late 90’s. But he can’t think of the name. Leningrad? Anyone recall? We’ll keep looking!

  • Isn’t this on U street on one of the abandoned buildings near 14th street? And isn’t there a Lenin mural as well?

  • It was called State of the Union. Boy I feel old.

  • I used to go during college for open mic jazz night. U Street metro was the last stop on the green line and literally none of the upscale condo buildings existed. Speaking of feeling old.

  • Feeling old? When I was in college, there WAS NO metro in DC. Now that’s old.

  • State of the Union was the joint! My two best memories: impromptu Tribe Called Quest four song set with ALLL the members (yes, that include Jarobi), and their distillery of flavored vodkas . . . State of the Union and Republic Gardens . . . so much fun.

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