Where Are Good Apartment Buildings To Rent?


I get this question fairly frequently. But I’ve been out of the rental market for a while now, so I thought I’d ask you guys. Before I moved to my house I lived in a great apartment building right next to the zoo at 2929 Connecticut Ave. I think the building pictured above at 3500 13th Street looks pretty sweet. But like I said I really have no idea these days. So do you guys know of any good apartment building for rent?

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  • Similarly, does anyone know what the rents are going to be at Park View across from the Metro? Cheaper than CH?

  • Apartments are a waste of money and cut you off from your community. Rent a house. If you can’t afford a whole house, make some friends.

  • This building isn’t a rental. Though I guess a couple owners do rent out.
    I used to live at the Shawmut in Adams Morgan. Decent place and decent rent.

  • Kinda depends on what good means?

    – rent
    – newness
    – safety
    – parking
    – nearby amenities
    – proximity to metro/bus
    – cleanliness
    – responsive and professional management

    I was surprised that DC didn’t have apartment locator services…, and then I wondered where the agent would park their car.

  • Im a homeowner, but I think this pressure to buy something is kinda like the pressure to go to college. If you are fortunate enough to be housed, and in a place you like, it isn’t a “waste of money.”

  • I live in this building…I’ve owned for 2.5 years and I love the building and location. Some units are for rent and a 1br goes for between 1700 and 2000 depending on which unit (so I’ve heard).

    The place across from the metro is expensive. I was curious about prices there and inquired online. 1brs go for over $2000/month easily for a small unit on a low level. I was shocked when I saw the prices given that CH development is ongoing, but i guess if the larger condo buildings are selling small 2brs for $550k and up, apartments can price themselves higher.

  • I live on the block that this picture was taken. It’s sacrilegiously convenient to things, so there’s plenty of traffic (walking mostly). Things heat up occasionally, and the Police/Ambulances/FD race down about every 1hr or so. A terrific, nearly defunct children’s playground/park on 12th attracts the occasional drunk, crack score, or bitch-smack. I saw a bum shit in our alley. But only once. Aside from that, it’s actually a very nice area.

  • I don’t like renting from apartment buildings, because you’re dealing with a management company that most likely sucks. I’ve been renting from individual owners and have had great luck with getting a great place that is pretty affordable, and having a very attentive landlord.

    And I like the increased safety of renting in an apartment building, and feel completely “connected” to my community, thank you very much.

  • Isn’t the Shawmut also condo? Obviously you can rent from individual owners, but I thought the building itself was all condo or coop.

    I guess I had good luck at the Envoy. And the guys at the door are sweet as hell. Renting does suck though.

  • I was a renter for years and it was always a slog, there’s basically no easy way to do it. You need to review all online sources (Craigs, WashPost, etc), all printed material (that apartment guide), and just start making calls to see who’s actually renting and who’s just too lazy to take down their ad. Alternatively, you pick an area you’d like to live, and then just walk around (and consult above sources) and start making calls etc.

    But in terms of a simple, point/click/move-in, I don’t think thats possible, or desirable really, given all the nuances of an apartment (nuances like heavy metal party animals right below you etc).

  • Lau, The Shawmut isn’t condo or co-op. It’s owned by William C. Smith & Co. In 2005 there was talk (and a bid on the building) of a company wanting to buy the building and re-do it but the deal fell through. It’s still rent-only: http://www.williamcsmith.com/detail.asp?id=21.

  • I’ve mostly rented from individual owners in DC/MD and I honestly would say that I wouldn’t recommend any of the places that I’ve lived to others (they all had deal-breaking issues, which is why I seem to move once a year, every year) — is there some kind of website for landlord ratings (i.e. like apartmentratings.com but for small-time landlords?)

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