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  • As pop-ups go, it’s very nice. They made it match and kept it unified. Are you sure this was a pop-up, and not just new construction [or an old building of that height that was heavily renovated]? The jutting inward on the left suggests things jumped up from the original height, but then the windows wouldn’t make much sense if this place was originally the same height as the other two.

  • It’s new construction. Alone it’s fine, but compared to it’s neighbors and context it looks ridiculous.

  • Yea, not a true pop up.

  • What Brendan said.

  • I think I actually went in this house years ago. If so, the stairs were very narrow. It will be hard to get furniture up and down those stairs.

  • I’m with Brendan. This works (and is quite beautiful) in isolation, but it’s not in isolation, and suffers for that.

  • I don’t think it’s bad at all. A building doesn’t need to match the style of those around it to fit in. It just needs to complement. I think this more or less works. It would be easier to tell how it works if you could see the whole block. If it’s the only one sticking up and the rest of the houses are all the same style as the two we see here, it might not be as appealing to me.

  • nice one – think they are doing something like this on Sherman Ave (around Fairmont)

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