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Now, I’ve visited a lot of homes since I started the ‘good deal or not’ feature. I can tell you I have absolutely no stake in whether this home sells or not. Now having said that, this is by far the most incredible home I’ve seen in the Columbia Heights area (besides the million dollar beauty). I mean it is seriously incredible. It looks just like a normal house from the outside but that is quite deceiving. It has two staircases, multiple fireplaces, a skylight, a carriage house and a huge yard and driveway. The only thing wrong with it in my opinion is that the main house has some goofy wallpaper. It has three bedrooms, two full baths, and one half bath. check out all the details and some inside photos here. The original price was $839,000 but it has now dropped to $775,000. But seriously check out the photos before you make your judgment. This house blew me away.


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  • What’s in the carriage house?

  • The link just took me to the top of the PoP page. Also, on the previous post, when I click on more, it says there is nothing to display. Software glitch or human error? 🙂

  • Prince Of Petworth

    I fixed the link. Sorry about that.

  • I have to say Deal. Nice place.

  • I live up the street and visited when the house was first opened up to the market. First, the carriage house is a GREAT feature. It has a large garage area (probably about 1.5 cars…)and a full upstairs, which would make for great storage, or if somehow air conditioned studio/office space. Some other details, the house is in amazing shape with a lot of beautifully preserved/restored original features (like the light fixtures). The woodwork throughout the house is likewise impeccable. The basement is pristine, unfinished, but otherwise you could eat off just about any surface, with backyard access. Oh, and the kitchen is somewhere between like butta, and to DIE for. Finally, the lot is HUGE, easily a double, with a great garden and yes, even green space!

    The major downside is the layout, which is a little awkward on the first level. We have several large dinners a year (up to 20 folks) and I dont think that this house could accomodate that. In our house we can at least expand out of the dining room, however, because of the placement of the second stairway (which looks amazing!) that wouldnt really be an option. But other than that…it is a great house, and I really hope it goes to some great folks!

  • from the back it looks as though your in the country. what a lovely place.

  • I was in this house with a client last week. The lot is almost FIVE times the normal lot size for a rowhome in DC. It has way more wallpaper than I would have liked, but that’s cosmetic. As already mentioned, it has amazing historic details, including several original mantels. If this was on the Hill, it’d easily go over a million. For CH, I think it’s priced pretty well. (The price had been reduced quite significantly since the original listing, if I recall.)

  • I too visited at an open house. I echo the above — preserved historic details, just needs a few touch-ups to be stunning. There are 3 lovely upstairs bedrooms in the house, all with beautiful garden views. The garden is mature and beautiful. As for the potential buyers (BS) who want to host large dinners, I believe you could easily seat 60 or more in the garden or have a standing reception with hors d’oevres for 125. (I say this based on checking out clubs around DC for a work-related event). When I saw the comparatively low price, I thought maybe it was a dangerous/sketchy block?

  • JessinMP: the carriage house contains a garage below (with automatic door) and open space upstairs

  • But you have to watch your step on that door coming out of the second floor of the garage. The first step is a doozy!

  • I like that under the listing for Interior Features is “Lawn Mower/Tractor “

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