What’s Your Favorite Hidden Restaurant?


I’ve never actually eaten at Veranda, pictured above, but it seems like a good hidden restaurant. My vote is for Little Fountain Cafe. It is not that hidden in that it is on 18th Street in Adams Morgan but it doesn’t have a prominent entrance. You actually have to walk downstairs below the bar called Angles. Anyway, Little Fountain Cafe is terrific if you haven’t tried it yet. It’s also a great spot to take a date. So what are your favorite hidden restaurants that may easily be missed if you don’t know where they are?

Here were the recommendations for best Italian, Sushi, Indian, falafel, Ethiopian, and Middle Eastern.

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  • Hackescher Hinterhoefe

  • i love cafe ole in tenleytown

  • Does Sushi-ko count?

  • Afghan Grill in Woodley Park, upstairs over a pizza place on Calvert St – love it!

  • If it counts (prominent restaurant at this point, but the entrance is easy to miss) I’d vote Granville Moore’s on H Street.

  • I hate having to name favorites…but I do like Veranda..havent been there in awhile. Some of the staff are kind of, well, wierd, but the food is good.

  • Probably Malaysia Kopitiam on M St. between the strip clubs, downstairs. Their vegetarian curry laksa noodle soup is amazing.

  • Hmm…if Cafe Luna at P and 17th counts as hidden, it gets my vote. The service is, admittedly, pretty slow, but their half-price pizza nights can’t be beat.

    Also, El Sol on 9th St in Little Ethopia is a pretty chill, pretty tasty place to get papusas.

  • well its not hidden really… but it doesnt have lots of foot traffic. Burma (our only burmese resturant)… near the dreaded MCI center disneyfied crap zone… formerly known as chinatown

  • Definitely seconding Burma. Would never have thought to go there if it weren’t for a friend’s recommendation. The food there is spectacular, the service is quick, and it’s never busy.

    Might have shot myself in the foot there by recommending it here, though.

  • Lauriol Plaza

  • Thai X-ING on Florida Ave between 5th and 6th NW….hidden by the grape vines….best Thai food in DC by far

  • I like ‘Rice’ on 14th. It’s close to the P Street scene, but still a bit off the beaten path. Tasty

  • rice’s food is pretty good but its always crowded and SUPER LOUD. its hard to even hear the people across from you at a table. does this irritate other people… how loud so many restaurants in dc seem to be?

  • Everlasting Life. Corner of Columbia and Georgia. It’s not a restaurant, per se, but it’s a co-op that has an amazing, fresh, vegan buffet in the rear of the market. It’s similar to Soul Veg in that it is absolutely amazing vegan food, but it’s a tad cheaper and often has several more options. HIGHLY recommended that you all try it out!

  • Definitely Little Fountain Cafe! (But shhhhhhh…. now that it’s on your site, it will no longer be a best-kept-secret). Darnit.

  • The Iron Gate on T between 17th and Connecticut is my absolute fave. Its down a long arching corridor entrance way that leads into a trellaced courtyard then into the restaurant which is a converted carriage house complete with fireplace. Some of the booths were horse stalls during its 18th century days

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