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Admin Poll of the Day

by Prince Of Petworth July 22, 2008 at 12:30 pm 10 Comments

Sorry to throw an admin question out there but I’ve been wondering how you guys would like to get the posts on PoP. Currently I do 15 every evening with 10 publishing right away and 5 timed to publish throughout the day from 11am-3pm. I’m wondering if you would prefer less posts published right away and have more time delayed throughout the day? Let me know what you think.

  • Richard

    However you want to do it. Just keep doing it! Keep up with the photos too. I think that is the first (in a very long list) that keeps your stuff great.

  • GforGood

    I realise its not perhaps what you want, but I would absolutely prefer if all the posts would come online at once.

  • I prefer them to come spread out. It’s much easier to be involved in the comments/discussion if they aren’t all bunched together. Without actually having reviewed this, I would guess that there’s much more commenting on the average mid-day post than the cluster in the morning. I’ll usually just skim through those quickly because I don’t have time to read or comment on them in the morning, whereas when one pops up here and there it’s much easier to be thoughtful.

  • I prefer spread out. Makes reading you in my feed reader less intimidating.

  • Anonymous

    fewer posts, not less posts

  • JnDC

    Agree with Jamie!!

  • My employer blocks access to most blogs–including my own. My blog entertainment during the day is checking this place out so I would appreciate more posts spread throughout the day.

  • General blogging best practices are to spread out posts throughout the day, so readers have a reason to come back again and again as time allows. It also allows each post an opportunity to be featured “above the fold” where they will have a chance to be seen/read more often. Last but not least, 15 posts a day is crazy! 6-10 would give each more time to stimulate conversation & repeat visits, the goal of most bloggers.

    That all said, I read PoP via RSS, so I skim through them all at once. But then again, I am a power blog reader.

  • I can barely post 10 a month these days.

    Jeez… I hope you’re getting paid somehow for all that work. Tell me, PoP – whats in it for you? If the answer is not much – you might want to look into getting a dog or something. Im not picking on you – just being honest.

  • Geezer


    While PoP may want a dog, his work on this blog brings joy to those who read it, spreading good cheer to many Petworthians and beyond. I’m sure it’s a lot of work, but it’s sad that the obvious fact that many, many people enjoy this blog (hopefully PoP, as well) appears to be an insufficient justification for the effort. The irony is, that your posting indicates that you take time out of your day for the blog and rather than being appreciative, you take the juvenile, “too cool” approach which, if PoP were not so grounded to be unaffected by your comment, could ultimately be self-defeating of your own interest. Woof.


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