The Aftermath

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This is taken on July 5th outside Cardozo High School on 13th Street.

Overall, I’d say it was a good 4th of July (check out the video a few posts below). I must’ve passed dozens of “local” shows walking between 11th Street and Petworth. There was a great community feel as well with people gathered on their porches and street corners to watch some impressive displays. And many of the folks did a terrific job cleaning up after they were finished. Sadly, some folks were not as responsible. This year I heard fireworks well after two in the morning which was fine with me but I’m sure folks with little kids may have been a bit perturbed. And actually, I’m getting to see a pretty decent show right now (July 6th at 9:42 pm)… I’m cool with all the local shows but after a while it tends to get a bit boring for me. I like Oreo cookies but I only eat 2-4 at a time. Sometimes the fireworks, particularly on July 6 and after, makes me think that some folks really enjoy eating boxes and boxes of Oreo cookies.

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  • DC has a great vibe on the 4th. People are on the streets walking around and doing things. It feels like a city. I’m not a big fan of watching fireworks (they all look the same to me) but I like the idea of people playing with fireworks and hosting all the little street parties.

    I don’t really care about the mess. It’s really the city’s fault for not providing enough trash cans (1 per city block is not enough!). They should have a system in place to clean up the street mess just like most other cities have a cleanup system in place after parades, etc. So any remaining trash by the end of this Friday is just a sign of this city’s shortcomings.

  • dc_publius: i agree that there should be more trash cans all over the city, but saying that people aren’t responsible for picking up after themselves in any situation is bullshit. you are responsible for the messes you make in this world, period. i hope you don’t have children, but if you do, i hope you don’t teach them that they’re allowed to do whatever they want because they aren’t responsible for their actions, someone else is.

  • I don’t have little kids but fireworks should be over by 10:00 pm on the 4th. No encores on the 5th or 6th either.

  • spot on, imgoph!

  • I like my Oreos 8 to 10 at a time, but I only like my fireworks on the 4th.

  • The fireworks shows on the narrow streets are incredibly dangerous. Though some on the street take some safety precautions, like making sure they have a hose in case something goes wrong, most do not. The mess is on the street still, and their own trash cans are only several feet away inside their houses so the city can’t be blamed for that one. Some even take the time to sweep the mess into the ally nearby, but not pick it up, which I find strange.

    I like the idea of a local fireworks show, especially considering the crowds that make attending the fireworks on the Mall a hassle. However, fireworks are dangerous and could harm those caught in the middle of the show and damage other peoples’ property. They should be done under a controlled setting with contingency plans in case something goes wrong. The fireworks I witnessed, there were no discernible safety precautions taken, like waiting for cars to pass by, or allowing people access to and from their homes.

    In Columbia Heights and Petworth, there are several green spaces that can be used to put on a fireworks show, including local sports fields. Those who want to put on private shows should organize and move to safer locations. Maybe they could even have a bbq at the green space before the show and invite their neighbors to join. That would be a real sign of community togetherness. Simply shooting fireworks, and I’m not only referring to bottle rockets or sparklers, but the large booming sort, in close proximity to peoples’ homes, children and pets, without even discussing it with neighbors first or taking basic safety precautions, is not community togetherness but rather only a selfish pursuit of a good time without any care for others’ safety and well-being. A community is more than just your friends. People should think about others in the area as well before launching fireworks over their homes.

  • I say make it illegal for private citizens to have fireworks or, at least, institute criminal penalties against those who continue to light firecrackers at 3:00am for weeks (and sometimes months) after the 4th. Right now (12:53am Wednesday) there’s some ass lighting firecrackers in my neighborhood. Sure, I’m awake but not everyone else is. With all the parkland and greenspaces in the DC area every neighborhood could have a professionally run fireworks display close to their homes and, afterwards, there’s someone to clean up the mess. Owning fireworks is illegal in a lot of states, including Maryland, with good reason. DC should follow suit.

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