Scuttlebutt of the Week

Despite my 97% accuracy rate, scuttlebutt is exactly that. I can not guarantee the following is 100% truth. It is merely rumor, however, history has shown there is a strong possibility that the rumors will turn out to be true.

Rumor number one: The Temperance Hall building is on the market. That means the whole building that houses Looking Glass Lounge and Yoga House is for sale not the individual businesses. Those two business have secured multi-year leases so they will not be affected should the building sell. However, it will be interesting to see if there are any longer term implications when their leases run out in a number of years. I believe the building is going for $1.3 or $1.8 million. What do you think are the implications if a sale goes through for the long term?

Rumor number two: Colorado Kitchen is currently in negotiations on renewing their lease. Rumor has it the negotiations are not going that well. There could be a move by the end of the year if a deal is not reached. Has anyone up in North Country heard this rumor?

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  • On the Colorado Kitchen front…I actually commented on this a while ago and was blasted by the kind folk on this blog. Here’s what I have heard – source is another merchant on that block who did not choose to go into space in the CK building because of this information. The owner of the building wishes to make it into condos by building up 4 stories. In order to do that, all businesses in the bottom floor would need to move out for a period of 4-6 months in the initial phase of building (you will notice that the ice cream parlor and barber shop in the building have never been replaced). It is likely, if this rumor is true, that the negotiations are around this problem.

  • I am a North Country resident, and have heard the same things, Cupcake.

  • The Chef @ CK is working on opening a second place in MD. I know this has prompted some to speculate that they are moving. Thus far, she has denied having plans to move.

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