Greater Goods Has A Green Roof (Sort Of)


Greater Goods at 1626 U Street has a couple of awesome green roofs over its two bay windows.  Ed. Note: I plan on doing a post on green roofs in the near future so stay tuned for more details. But in the meantime I thought these were worth noting. Can anyone explain the benefits? Check out another photo after the jump.


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  • From the Friends Committee on National Legislation, who has a pretty sweet green roof:

    A Vegetated Roof helps control rain runoff and decreases the building’s contribution to the city’s “heat island” effect – the increase in urban temperatures due to the absorption of heat in nonreflective materials and surfaces of most buildings. The roof is landscaped with low-maintenance sedum plants that don’t require irrigation. The solid layer provides added insulation to the roof.

  • According the Environmental Protection Agency (

    Green roofs are an attractive roofing option that can reduce urban heat islands by providing shade and, through evapotranspiration, releasing water from plants to the surrounding air. They also:
    *Reduce sewage system loads by assimilating large amounts of rainwater.
    * Absorb air pollution, collect airborne particulates, and store carbon.
    * Protect underlying roof material by eliminating exposure to the sun’s ultraviolet (UV) radiation and extreme daily temperature fluctuations.
    * Serve as living environments that provide habitats for birds and other small animals.
    * Offer an attractive alternative to traditional roofs, addressing growing concerns about urban quality of life.
    * Reduce noise transfer from the outdoors.
    * Insulate a building from extreme temperatures, mainly by keeping the building interior cool in the summer.

  • Off-topic sort of but I think that store is pretty worthless. It claims to be a retail store, but when you go inside, it feels much more like a trade show booth. There is not much merchandise, and the assortment is quite random.

  • And here’s some info from the American Society of Landscape Architects:

    If you scroll down the page, there are some lovely pictures of their green roof here in DC.

  • The gay and lesbian association at Mass and 17th says their building has one.

  • I bought the most awesomest reusable bag there (the EZ Bag, that folds up and can fit in my pocket), a very cool Sigg bottle and plan to go and purchase a new thermostat this weekend. it’s a great store, the staff was helpful and they had a very nice dog sitting near the counter. the store isn’t brimming with merchandise, but what it does have is very cool and useful.

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