Abol Ethiopian Restaurant Gets a Serious Sign

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Props to Abol the newish Ethiopian restaurant located at 4422 Georgia Ave. I dig the sign itself as well as the neon underneath. As I’ve written earlier I’m not a huge Ethiopian fan but this place looks great now inside and out. Has anyone given them a try yet? Good stuff?

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  • I can’t believe no one has commented on this! I went just last week and it was GREAT.

    I shared the Awaze Tibs and the 5 item veggie dish (with lentils, peas, etc all with different spices). It was so much food for two people that it ended up being two full meals, but the variety was great.

    The next step for them: replace that solid wood door so people know they are entertaining a restaurant when they go to open it!

  • I tried it about 2 weeks ago, and agree that it’s good Ethiopian. (It’s not as good as Etete, but then again, it’s in the neighborhood and Etete’s service was absolutely terrible the last two times I went there.)

    The owners were very friendly, although we kind of had to go looking for them when we went in. I was disappointed that they were out of sambusas, but the food was excellent. We had a veggie combo and one of the meat entrees (probably yebeg wat, but can’t remember) for 3 people and it was plenty of food. And they sell staples, like red lentils, which the CH Giant never has. Finally, they take credit card.

    All in all, a good addition to the neighborhood.

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