Holy Cow: Crazy Fire

IMG_1362, originally uploaded by Prince of Petworth.

A reader sent in this photo of a van on fire, Thursday night, on the 100 block of Varnum St. Insane. Incidentally, I just read in the Post how car and house fires are on the rise as people can’t afford payments. I’m not sure how this fire started but it is an incredible sight. Check out another shot with a firefighter after the jump.


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  • Well, it was nice weather for a “car-be-cue” Thursday night…

  • A stolen car was abandonded then set ablaze in the alley right behind my garage. The flames were very intense, rising about 30′. The firemen couldn’t get their big truck to it due to the sharp turns to get to that spot. Eventually they used a very long hose and put it out in a matter of seconds, but not before the heat melted the doors and siding on my garage and the one across from me. The police officer on the scene was repeatedly answering, “No, there isn’t a body.”

  • Theives also routinely burn stolen cars to destroy evidence.

  • For some reason the blocks just south of Rock Creek Cemetery (on Allison and Webster especially) are a dumping ground for stolen cars. Some of these are set on fire, presumably to cover the tracks of the car theft itself or some other crime in which the stolen car was used as a tool. I would guess we have one or more car thieves living among us in East Petworth. If we can find them and get them arrested and off the street, I suspect this hazard will cease.

  • As Chris said, a common way to ditch a stolen car. It’s known locally as a “car-b-que”…

  • I I live just east of North Cap. The little punks tried to steal my wife’s car out of our driveway two years ago. They hit several other cars on the street till they go one. Around two weeks ago some of the joy riding jerks were being chased by the police. They rammed into a brick wall then tried to flee on foot. PoPo nabbed them in the alley. Progress I suppose.

  • This was just in front of my house and I took the pictures. I think they turned out pretty good considering I did not have time to set up a tripod,

    But anyway, I am told that the owners of the car where friends of my neighbors who live at least a block away and I have never met. They where working on the handicap lift when it caught on fire. This was basically just an interior fire.

    The Fire Department came pretty quickly and quietly and extinguished the flames.

    The car was towed the next day and my older neighbors cleaned up the glass the next day.

  • yeah, it was a handicap van that had an accidental fire. this thing about webster and varnum being “dumping grounds” is laughable. unless people suddenly stopped this behavior 18 months ago when we moved in.

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