The Statues of Meridian Hill

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I can’t believe I never noticed this Joan D’arc before. Unfortunately her sword has broken but otherwise pretty cool. Check out some other statues from the park after the jump. Which is your favorite?



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  • I love them all but Joan is my favorite because it reminds me of my dog. He used to bark at that horse like it was the real thing everytime we walked in the park.

  • Buchanan! Most underrated/most unjustly maligned president in history!

  • Don’t we call her Joan of Arc in English? And Mericdian Hill Park, once called Malcom X Park for a few years unofficially, is so impressive. Though it really changes at night…

  • I do enjoy the statues with the horses so I am going to have to go with Joan’s statue. I think it is interesting that you can tell just from the horse if the person on it was injured in battle but lived or fatally injured or was lucky enough to make it out unscathed.

  • “Buchanan! Most underrated/most unjustly maligned president in history!”

    What are you talking about? Buchanan was a terrible president. The burden of proof is on you to explain why he’s unjustly maligned.

  • i think many people still call it malcolm x park toby. and in general i think parks are primarily intended for daytime/daylight use.

  • as i recall serenity wasn’t very serene several years ago due to grafitti which made her face look like she had a black eye. have they fixed her up?

  • in french she’s called Jeanne d’Arc.

    that stage sucks. ruins the feel of the park

  • If you take dogs off leash behind the buchanan statue, the cops don’t ticket. We’ve had them walk right up and play fetch with ours.

  • As a fellow alum of Dickinson College, I feel very confident the Buchanan was our worst President (or at least in a close tie with the current occupant). Oddly enough he was probably our most experience President.

  • I used to live right across 16th from that park – so nice to go to on sunny days, and I feel like they keep it cleaner now than they used to it. Luckily I was in the back of the building, so the weekly drum circle didn’t bother me too much.

  • i have three faves….. serenity -jeanne d’arc, and dante… brooding dante… thinking of.. what?
    our lack of self detirmination? crime? another metro delay?

  • I just moved to an apartment near that park. It’s been looking pretty bleak lately– there’s some kind of construction going on there and there’s a lot of ugly equipment and debris (you can see some to the right of the JOA photo). Anyone know when they’re cleaning that up?

  • Of course parks are meant for daytime use. But I’ve heard that there is nightime activity in the bushes and I don’t mean by squirrels, etc.

  • C: The construction is been ongoing for about a year and it will, I think, improve the park substantially. It is fixing a lot of draining issues. I’m pretty excited about having it back.

  • Buchanan didn’t do much. Therein lay his brilliance. Hamilton may have wanted “energy in the executive,” but most Framers wanted Congress to be the pre-eminent branch, of course. So I give him credit there. He may not have done a whole lot to stave off civil war, but he ended up buying the North enough time to build up industry/arms.

    Truth in advertising, I’m a Dickinson alum as well.

  • Joan is my favorite in the park because it is at the highest point and it is over looking the main fountains and down the hill. I just wish the sword was still there. Maybe a light sabre would work. =)

  • a light sabre, or a taser!

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