Thanks to Phil for passing on from the US Park Police:

“The suspect confronts victims in the park and shines a flashlight in their faces. After doing so, the suspect occasionally identifies himself as a police officer and assaults the victims with pepper spray and/or the flashlight.”

Photo by rebecca yarbrough

Rebecca recounts a helluva a tale last night around 7:30pm:

“Just happened by a blazing balcony fire on 16th St across from Meridian Hill Park. Another bystander and I came across the fire at the same time. He immediately sprinted around the block and appeared ON THE BALCONY spraying a fire extinguisher. Hero!!!”

P. adds: “He took the fire extinguisher from my hands and we both ran to the balcony (I was at the balcony door until he yelled to empty the place). It was my neighbor’s home.”

“Here’s a clip of him going after the flames with the fire extinguisher” Read More


15th and Euclid St, NW via Google

“Dear PoPville,

I had a weird moment exiting Meridian Hill Park – I left by the northeast exit, which spills onto the bike lane on 15th St. There is a pedestrian crosswalk at that spot so, after looking south and determining I wasn’t stepping in front of a car, I proceeded to cross.

The light at 15th and Euclid was green, but the oncoming traffic had plenty of time to react to my crossing. Instead, however, the oncoming car sped up and didn’t slow down until I was in the middle of the intersection – clearly they intended to speed by me and make the light. Read More


Photo by Katie McWilliams

Ed. Note: See the details closure and construction of the lower level here.

Katie writes: “The great tree purge of the lower level of MH/MX Park has begun. (ps I stayed behind the netting/fence)”

Matthias also shares: “Mature trees in #MeridianHillPark #MalcolmXpark are being felled at an alarming rate. Looks more destructive than restorative” Read More


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