Health Conscious Bodega?

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I’ve never seen one of these corner stores advertising “Fresh Vegetables”. Nice, that’s a very good thing… as is cold beer and wine for the record.

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  • just ’cause they have it up on a sign doesn’t mean they really have fresh vegetables.

  • Is this on 1 St. NW? if so, this is the store where the owner was killed. It was truly a sad, sad story. The man had saved his money to open a store in his community. A couple of young guys came in and robbed him. During the robbery, they shot him. He was a relatively young guy (~38).

  • I’d like to plug our local bodega, the Morazan Grocery on 14th and Shepherd… its a great local owned hispanic grocer with a nice selection of fresh veggies, meats, breads, and other household necesities. The family who runs Morazan are very friendly (tho a pocket esp-eng dictionary never hurts) and the prices are comparable to any big-box supermarket.

  • This is at the corner of Sherman and Columbia. PoP, did you go inside? I have yet to see a fresh veggie yet in there. Actually, it’s just a beer stop with bullet-proof glass and the store hours don’t actually match when the store is open.

  • I think it’s smart. Bodegas often don’t stock fruit or vegetables so they should differentiate themselves.

  • The A & T Market does have bananas, usually. That’s the only fresh fruit or vegetable I’ve ever seen there.

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