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I used to be a big fan of 99.1 WHFS. So I have the station programmed in my car. As we all know by know 99.1 changed formats many months ago. And it is about 100% better! Some of the Spanish songs are great. But what I really love about it is the little identifying jingle “neuve nueve punto uno El ZOOOOOOOOL”. Freaking awesome. Naturally they have a cool poster to match their cool jingle. So I dare you to hear that jingle and not sing it in your head for at least two hours. Crap now I’m going to be singing it for the next two hours…

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  • I wish I could agree, but I’m still morning the death of HFS. It was so much better than DC101 which has since gotten even worse. If I hear one more Nickleback song I’m going to scream!

    Anyway, as much as I’m sad that HFS is no more, it makes good business sense to target a huge and continually increasing demographic in our area.

  • Thank God for Sirius

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