Thief in the Night (Literally)

Thief in the Night, originally uploaded by Prince of Petworth.

Following is a phenomenal email I received:

Hi PoP,

I have a funny story to share. I live in a row house in northern Columbia Heights. Today as I was coming home, I noticed a package on my doorstep, the usual place for UPS or the mail delivery people to leave packages. It was a standard 10″ x 14″ padded manila envelope, the kind with a red pull tab for ease of opening. When I picked it up, I noticed that the tab had already been pulled & the package was wide open. Upon further inspection, it was a pair of books I had ordered, entitled “Thief in the Night.” The package was correctly addressed to my name and street address. Someone had opened my mail! I can just picture a would-be thief opening the package, seeing the book title, thinking it was a sign from God, returning the package to my doorstep, and proceeding directly to the nearest confessional, swearing to never steal again!

–Gurlnexdore in CH

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  • How funny! But — last night I came home to find my package from on the porch, also opened. What about the DVDs for “Extras” would have scared someone off? Was he just ‘aving a laugh?

  • When we first moved into CH/Petworth, my elderly neighbor saw we had a package delivered and told me not to do that, lest it get stolen. She offered her house as a delivery spot since she’s home during the day more than we are. Finally she asked what was in the big box on our porch and I told her produce,. She said, never mind, no one is going to steal vegetables, even in this neighborhood!

  • TheNeighbor

    Yeah, I get the produce package also and nobody seems to want it.
    I am going to chalk it up to the awesome street I live on and my watchful neighbors!

  • >> Yeah, I get the produce package also and nobody seems to want it.

    Is that a CSA delivery? We’ve been casually looking for one, but having a petworth area delivery would be a huge plus.

  • Our Columbia Heights apartment was broken into last spring. The individuals responsible “kindly” brought a FedEx box into our home, took my new shoes out of the box, and displayed them nicely on our kitchen countertop. The shoes were Danskos and could have been sold on Ebay for at least $100. We were shocked that an individual(s) crafty enough to break-in to our home in broad daylight would just open and leave a nice pair of shoes during a robbery.

  • Prince Of Petworth

    Maybe the shoes weren’t his size?

  • The produce comes from Green Grocer

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