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  • me. can’t stand dolphins. ever had to deal with them while you’re kayaking? i had one sneak up behind me on sunday and scare the bejezus out of me.

  • Who has a streetside mailbox in DC? I can honestly say I have never seen one of those in the city before. If I pounded one into the ground in front of my row house, would the mailman put mail in it instead of my mail slot?

  • I got nothing against dolphins but I can certainly relate to IMGoph… during one of my first surfing trips we were out in the squall about 24 hrs prior to hurricane fran’s landfall on Nags Head to catch the storm surge. While waiting on the tail of the surf line a dolphin swam up next to me and this older surfer… In my inexperience I had a ‘JAWS’ moment just at the sight of the fin and quickly ‘warmed’ the surrounding water until my older, wiser, accomplice pointed out that it was indeed a dolphin and that I was indeed a newb.

  • …and as a further observation, this mailbox has a very Lisa Frank middle school lunchbox feel to it.

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