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This building is beautiful. Located at 1326 Girard Street prices for two bedroom two bathrooms are $749,000 and a one bedroom two bathroom is going for $629,000. I’m just judging it from the outside. But tell, me can this possible sell for this price? Check out the detail up top after the jump.

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    I think the penthouse looks weird with the ceilings cutting into the space.

  • If it weren’t in that block of Girard? Maybe. That block is trouble. I pity anyone who pays those prices for that place.

  • Wow. They finally finished it. I returned to DC in June of 2004 and lived in the 1200 block of Girard and they were working on it then!

    That block is trouble, sort of, in part because of the other side of the street — Donna Brazille has got that haunted house half empty mansion thing across the street. The other house is an youth tutoring org. One other building is a preschool. And the other building is 1970s style public housing building. Not the best neighbors that way.

  • Is Steve Phlassteresereere still the agent on this place? I posted a photo of the original prices (+50,000 each) when this place was still a shell 3 years ago. It was laughable then and maybe even more so now. The promise implied within the initial expense never played out for that particular building, the neighborhood or the city. Thankfully. I like Columbia heights the way it is and hope these NEVER sell at those prices. A complete joke.

  • Yikes. Talk about pricing themselves out of the neighborhood. I’m hoping that the pictures don’t do the place justice, but I’m doubting that’s the case.

  • i used to live next door to this place. during that time, they destroyed our backyard with trash from the rennovation and never comped the owners for it (i rented). there were various long work stoppages (rumored legal battles with the contractor), and the units have been for sale for at least 2 years now. i guess the astronomical prices are an attempt to recoup the extrordinary costs to fix up this place. i can’t see anyone justifying it to themselves to buy one of those units on that street for that price. not anytime soon, at least. oh yeah, and by the way, about 3 years ago, a beautifully rennovated HOUSE a few spots down sold for approximately what one of these units are going for.

  • if this condo on this street sells for this price, then i have no hope of home ownership ever.
    i’m as city-hardy as the best of ’em, but 750 for this block?


  • Don’t you know, this block has been redesignated Woodley Park – East.

  • The penthouse is selling for 565K… and is obviously tailored to a high-end crowd based on the quality of the work. Also, Keep in mind that these condos have more square footage than some houses…PH is at 1100 usable 1600sq/ft total. Not to mention they have a view of the city… how many two level homes have that? The most expensive condo is at 1700 sq/ft That is huge for a 2 bedroom condo. If I could afford some thing like that I might buy it. Sure I’d try to get it for less but I don’t think they are that far out of the ball park for what they are offering.

  • Never underestimate the amount of money that people have and make in this city. There are deep pockets of affluence here. I never thought people would pay 500K for a basement condo in Col Hts. But people have and continue to do so.

  • Best thing though: the bathroom on the two bedroom? Has a urinal! I’ve always wanted a urinal in my bathroom. They shouldn’t just be for public restrooms! I think that’s easily worth an extra 200k.

  • My wife and I looked through this place last summer and the realtor/owner seemed nice. As I remember there were similar condos going for that much on the 1300 blk Kenyon back in 2006. I think the Condo market is too saturated to support such prices, but all he needs is oneperson who can afford $3-4k/month mortgage who hasn’t looked around enough to fall in love with one fo the units. On the otherhand, the chances of this happening go down with every month as the condo glut grows.

  • the $750K 2-br is absolutely amazing inside, though. really, truly, high-end finishes, steam shower, hardwood, granite, stainless, balcony, the works. but just around the corner at 2812 13th is a five-level end-unit town-house for $790K (no sign on property). it’s in great condition inside, just needs updated bathrooms. that’s a 50K difference to own half of a floor in a mansion or the entirety of a georgous huge rowhouse. if i had the money, i’d cough it up to get myself a whole house, not just a condo.

  • Does it come with a bulletproof vest?

  • $629K for a one bedroom on Girard St.? Are they kidding?

    That’s not just steep, that’s complete nonsense. You can get places that are as nice (or nicer) in Dupont, Glover Park, Cathedral Heights, etc. for at or less than what they’re asking. I don’t care if the bathroom fixtures are gold plated, those asking prices are ludicrous.

  • Unit #3, which is priced at $749K for 1700 sq ft, is apparently under contract according to the website for the place….shocking. We can only hope it is going for closer to $700K, which is still ridiculous

  • I am a real estate agent in the city and when you compare the “per square foot prices” for these units to those of surrounding condos, they are much lower (in the $300s, low $400s). The U Street and Columbia Heights market has seen $500-600 PSF prices and I bet the finishes don’t top these…

  • the petty ramblings of the bourgeoisie and their latest tool of dominance and exploitation, gentrification

  • the last sale was for a 2 bedroom – sales price 718k, according to the dc tax records. an earlier sale of a 2 bedroom went for 810k!

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