A Third Floor Pop up That I Actually Got to Visit

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Here is a third floor pop up for sale at 4115 8th St, NW. The asking price is $599,900. I was dying to see what one of these third floor pop ups looked like inside. I have to say it did feel like a proper third floor. I can’t vouch for the materials but it certainly was roomier. It’s still for sale if you want to check one out for yourselves.

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  • OK, that is the place around the corner from me. I have been dying to get a look inside…it says it has 8 bedrooms, 2 kitchens, and 5 bathrooms. Which, even with the extra floor, is kind of insane (I mean, more than one bathroom per floor? Come on, these houses are about 600 sf a floor). How is it set up inside?

  • Prince Of Petworth

    Well, the basement is set up that it can be a rental with a full kitchen. The ground floor has another kitchen, living room etc. The second floor has three bedrooms and I think the third floor has three bedrooms as well. Actually the funny thing is that on the MRIS sheet under remarks it says “Steps to Columbia Heights” and no mention of Petworth. I think that is pretty funny since it is right in the heart of Petworth.

  • Interesting…maybe they will have an open house and I will get to check it out…I am still trying to figure out how they crammed 5 bathrooms in there. And I still think the exterior is hideous!

  • I agree the exterior is hideous…..I would not pay 599,000 for something that looked like that, unless i was using it for a group home….

  • It looks like crap, crap, crap… One lone window and the classic roof line is gone — replaced with a gutter. Bollocks to that!

  • …and that cheesy siding that they put up around the third floor window. Blech.

  • The siding around the vinyl window makes it look like a mobile home dropped on top of a rowhouse. Terrible. I guess that these contractors make money with these ugly rehab flip jobs, but it’s a crying shame. At least the contractors that rehabed our house had the decency to leave the outside alone and leave the original trim and wood floors on the inside… though they cut corners otherwise (like they all do).

  • Oh… My… God. Ugliest renovation ever. I can only assume that if the exterior looks so cheap, the construction is likely to start falling apart about 6 months after someone starts living there. And who the hell needs 5 1/2 bathrooms, even with an apartment? Crazy.

    I just don’t get it. Is 8th and Taylor really a $600,000 block? I hope the developer loses his shirt and thinks twice about creating another monstrosity like that.

  • I have a feeling that the next rival for ugliest renovation ever will be the formerly charming house at the corner of New Hampshire and Upshur. Talk about a trailer dropped on a house – the third floor addition isn’t even the same shape as the house. Blech.

  • The ugliest thing about it is that the contractor or “designer” didn’t even try to echo the architectural look of the rest of the house. Even with it being vinyl siding they could’ve, at least, repeated the look (and number) of the windows on the second floor.

    Also, what the hell is that in the front yard where there should be grass?

  • That is a really ugly looking something right there and ridiculously priced IMO.

  • it looks like shit

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