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Lily’s Cafe, originally uploaded by Prince of Petworth.

Thanks to a reader for recommending Lily’s cafe. Located two stores up from Colorado Kitchen (see below) this is a delicious coffee and egg joint. Lily’s offers Wifi and friendly service. I had an egg and cheese sandwich on a croissant for something like two bucks. The way I can best describe it is: I wish it was closer to where I lived. It is a great joint for an egg sandwich and coffee but I don’t really think it worth driving to. It would be the greatest thing on earth if I could stumble out of bed hungover and walk over to this place but the prospect of driving is just not worth it. However, if you live anywhere near walking distance of this location you must check it out. I want one in Petworth proper!

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  • Thanks for pointing out Lilies to readers. You can’t beat the breakfast sandwiches–I had the bacon, egg, cheese croissant yesterday, myself. And the women who work there are the kindest people you’d ever meet. Thanks again for giving them a shout-out….

  • Any chance of giving an address with these finds?

  • Good point! I don’t know the exact address but if you go to the corner of Colorado and 14th St. you can’t miss it.

  • this is a wonderful place… kind, and the coffee is good. dont be dismyaed if colorado kitchen is crowded, as it often is. this is a short (five) minute walk from me.

  • yeah, both Lilies and Colorado Kitchen are on Colorado, between Kennedy and Longfellow.

    If you are on 14th, where Colorado intersects it, just go North on Colorado, not 14th, when you hit Kennedy.

    There is a bus turn-around just south of there, of that intersection, for a landmark.

    By the way, I defy anyone to find kinder women than Lily and her family & friends who run the cafe….They are the best!!

  • I’ve gotta disagree strongly with you here, PoP: Lily’s is absolutely worth a 5 minute drive. They do the simple things well and they’re very pleasant.

    I think CO Kitchen is dramatically overpriced and the service is sh*tty.

  • I live right around the corner from Lily’s spot, and am ecstatic they are open. The staff really is very kind and it’s easy to build a relationship with them. A few kinks need to be worked out, though: approximately twice a week, they just are not open during the scheduled hours posted (I try to stop in at least three times a week to support her)and they should invest in an ice machine to do cold coffee/espresso drinks especially during the summer. Also maybe vary the food menu selection (away from the sweets, more bagel selections…) Anyhoo, definitely recommend this place, patronize it if you’re close, because other than CK, this real estate area seems to be where businesses go to die a rheumy death.

    And they have a nice selection of Vitamin Water aka hangover defeater.

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