Washington, DC

Thanks to everyone who passed on this note in front of the Q Street Barbies. The Barbie Pond themselves responded best on their Instagram:

“Think of the Children!”

Our earliest recording of the Barbies was back in April 2014. Suffice it to say they have grown in popularity since then and literally become a neighborhood landmark. Long live the barbies and their cheeky (pun intended), good-natured take on holidays and events of the day. They put a smile on my face every time I see them!


Well, I’ve got a new line for the old PoPville bio!! hahaha this is amazing:

“Dear PoPville – While not as important or exciting as all of the lost sweet dogs you have helped reunite, I am excited to let you know that the Barbie Boat and Kens have been returned to their home, due in large part to your noting the important tip that they were spotted in a shopping cart near the White House. A PoPville follower left them tied to the front house. The horrific Logan Crime spree has come to an end. 😀😀😀”


“Dear PoPville,

Last week, a horrific crime was committed when two Ken’s and their boat were snatched from their perch in The Barbie Pond. While not returned, there has now been a “Ken sighting” (see below). I request, however, for the safety of all involved – including the Ken’s – do NOT try to get them back. Just wanted to provide this update for the two or three concerned citizens. 😀😀😀”


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