“Dear PoPville,

Chester here is a quick kitty and escaped from our apartment yesterday (Sunday) at 100 I Street SE. Anyone in the Navy Yard area, please keep your eyes out! He can be skittish and is not used to being outside. Please contact barry (dot) halvorson (at) gmail (dot) com”


UPDATE: “Reefer has come home! thank you to the popville community for being so freakin awesome!”

“Dear PoPville-

Our beloved, curious, 9 month old kitten, Reefer is missing. He probably took an opportunity to sneak out the door at some point last night while one of our roommates wasn’t paying attention. (Fairmont between 11th and 13th) Unfortunately he recently outgrew his kitten sized collar and doesn’t have his nametag on. He’s very friendly and responds when you call his name. He is microchipped. We’ve gotten some strange looks from passers-by while calling for him, the only humorous part about this.”


Liza 2

A reader writes:

“My cat somehow escaped from my house last night while I was sleeping. We live on Quincy Place NW (1st and Florida). She is an average sized tabby with a clipped ear. She can sometimes be shy, but is a total sweetheart. We are devastated and her litter mate especially misses her very much. I can be reached at 240.421.6636. Reward offered if returned!”

Liza 3



A reader writes:

“We’ve just moved today — and our indoor-only cat seems to have escaped and is on the run.

Elroy was last seen at 11 am Tuesday in the vicinity of 17th Street near Newton Street, Mt. Pleasant. Since we just moved, he doesn’t know the neighborhood. And since he’s an indoor cat, he has no survival skills whatsoever.

He’s a big grey cat, weighing 15 pounds, but is afraid of his own shadow. Elroy is timid, but often motivated by food and is a real sweetheart. We’ll be your best friends if you find him!”



“Lost Cat!!!

We haven’t seen Pirate in a week and are starting to worry. Pirate hangs out on V Street between 16thand 17th Streets, near the police station. You might catch a glimpse of him at night when he roams around and eats dinner on the front porch of a neighbor.

Description: black fur, green eyes (left eye doesn’t work), shy

If you see him, please call: Dani 202-271-4920
Thank you!”



“Our cat, Bernardo O’Higgins, is a small little dude, and he is yellow/ginger-colored with yellow/green eyes, a white chest, white patch on his belly, white tips on his front paws, and white back paws. He also has some light striping on his whole body. He is also a little cross-eyed, which just makes him more endearing. He is fast and could probably survive just fine outdoors, but we love him very much and want him back home (inside!).

We live Riggs Park along the border with Maryland, so we are hoping that O’Higgins is still somewhere in the neighborhood. If anyone spots him, they can call us at 248-345-7563 and ask for Eben. O’Higgins is a friendly guy, but he might run if anyone tries to chase him…so they shouldn’t do that.”


“Could you post this photo of a dog on the unit block of R st NW. Collar but no tags. Male, about 35 lbs. Seems skittish but like he’s a pet. Won’t let me catch him. Maybe just escaped from the yard? Seen at 7:15 am.”



A reader writes:

“Our cat, Maggie, usually an indoor-outdoor cat has been missing for the past couple of days and we are really worried that she’s lost. We adopted her with her sister- the foster mom wouldn’t let them be separated and her sister is definitely worried as well.
Maggie is a small (about 9 lbs) dark grey domestic short hair cat. When we last saw her (sometime Friday night) she was wearing a green belled collar – though she is prone to losing them so she might not be wearing it still. We’ve hunted around around the alleys nearby (at Upshur and 13th) with no luck.

Please let us know if you have seen any cats around that meet that description. We appreciate any info you may have- it is really important that we find her.

(Contact info: phone #: Jake at 617-429-7302 or email: Alison at this email: [email protected])”


2014-01-15 21.39.47

Missing Cat from Petworth:

“Hi everyone. My cat went missing yesterday in the Petworth area and I am desperately trying to get him back home. His name is Ron and he is orange with a blue collar. He is super friendly and declawed in the front so please grab him if you see him! Even if you just think you see him, please contact me. You can contact me at 904-945-4849 or return him to 509 Crittenden St NW. I am attaching some photos as well.”

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