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UPDATE: Found! Keep an Eye Out for Elroy in Mount Pleasant

by Prince Of Petworth August 18, 2015 at 5:38 pm 15 Comments


A reader writes:

“We’ve just moved today — and our indoor-only cat seems to have escaped and is on the run.

Elroy was last seen at 11 am Tuesday in the vicinity of 17th Street near Newton Street, Mt. Pleasant. Since we just moved, he doesn’t know the neighborhood. And since he’s an indoor cat, he has no survival skills whatsoever.

He’s a big grey cat, weighing 15 pounds, but is afraid of his own shadow. Elroy is timid, but often motivated by food and is a real sweetheart. We’ll be your best friends if you find him!”

  • Bob Sacmento

    My neighbor in Mt. Pleasant feeds stray cats. I imagine your cat could end up with them since he is providing food and, based on the address u provided, u are very close by. Could u tell me if ur cat has a collar. That way it will be easier to pick him out if he comes by.

  • Anon

    Try leaving some of his food outside along with a bag of litter from his litter box, I have heard of that working before! He will recognize the smell and hopefully follow it home! I hope you find him- what a handsome guy!

    • Elroy’s mom

      Sadly, no collar no chip. He really is an indoor-only cat. Thank you, thank you (and your neighbor) though for keeping your eye out.

  • anonymous

    Good luck with finding him- he looks like a beautiful cat. I’ve heard that they sometimes stay really close to where they get lost, but remain silent under a porch or in a bush. It’s hard to say if a cat would do this if he is not familiar with his new home, but perhaps you could try what Anon suggested above me. I’d also follow up with the Washington Humane Society, etc. wishing you the best of luck that you find your Leroy. As a fellow cat owner, I know this must be devastating.

    • Ally

      +1. I had my Siamese cat slip out the door to my apartment behind me without me noticing a few years back. I put ads in the Post, hired a tracker, etc, and had no luck for nearly a month, when someone spotted her tail going into a hole (that we never knew existed) underneath the apartment building’s staircase. She was close by the whole time but not responding to calls for her name (they very quickly go into wild/survival mode and may not respond when you call them). Hope your little one is found soon. What a gorgeous kitty!

  • Erin

    Sorry for the length, but LOTS of good tips for lost kitties:

    * Start looking and using the Calling Method (outlined below) immediately. The sooner you start looking the better your chance of finding them.

    * What I have found is that with cats they typically are not lost they are just not coming home so I suggest what I refer to as “The Calling Method”. It sounds crazy but it really, really works! What you’ll need to do is go out at the same time of day as often as possible (especially dawn and dusk when it’s quiet) and call them for about 15 minutes straight. Don’t move around and make sure your voice is calm and not pleading. They are is probably not far from home so check your neighbor’s house/property, under porches, on porches, under sheds and bushes. It’s likely they are close enough to see you. If there are garages close by make sure they did not accidentally get locked inside.

    * Place a well-worn article of clothing near where they enter/exit the house as well as the litter from their litter box. They can use the scent to help guide them home.

    * If your cats uses a litter box, spread the used litter around the yard, close to the area your cat frequently hangs out.

    Cats do this for a variety of reasons, depending on the situation determines the length of time you’ll need to do it. If they wandered a little too far from home they may need help finding their sense of direction. That’s why it’s important to stay in one place so they can pinpoint where your voice is coming from. If they were scared by something and are hiding they will need to know when they can expect you to be there and for approximately how long so they can determine if they can make it to you safely. By doing it at the same time of day and for the same length of time they can make that prediction. In either of these two cases they usually return pretty quickly within hours or a day or two. On the other hand if they are angry due to a change in his situation, this could take longer. Cats DO NOT like change so if you moved, got a new pet/child/roommate, had a lot of company, garage sale, party, remodeled, altered your schedule drastically, or anything like this…they may be angry. If this is the case it may take longer (up to 2 weeks or more).

    Indoor cats typically stick to edges and corners when they escape so follow the lines of your house/apt where they escaped and check under and inside everything along the way.

    * Post fliers to get reports of sightings or if they have decided to just wander up to someone’s house to hang out for a while. Keep the fliers simple, as large as possible and on bright/neon paper. LOST CAT*COLOR*PHONE NUMBER(S). You can get all the supplies you will need from CVS or Walgreen’s (bright paper, extra-large sharpie, plastic covers, packing tape).

    * Put a poster in your yard or on your door/window (if you are in an apt or condo) with the same info. This will let anyone who might be looking for you, know exactly where they belong. If you are in an apartment or condo notify the manager in case they get a call.

    * Post an ad on Craigslist under COMMUNITY then LOST and FOUND as well as under COMMUNITY then PETS.

    * Check to see if there is an email group, facebook page, or any type of mass notification available.

    * Call any vets in your area in case they were injured and someone found them and took them there.

    * Check with your postal carrier and garbage pick up people, they are very familiar with the area and are a great resource.

    • Anon

      This is so helpful Erin! Hopefully I’ll never have to use it, but it’s good to have handy!

      I hope little Elroy makes it home soon!

  • MPinDC

    I live nearby and will keep my eye out for Elroy. Suggest you put up flyers in the area if you haven’t done so already.

    • Anonymous

      I will keep an eye out too (I live on Ingleside Terrace). Cats really don’t go that far but the park is nearby so take a walk down there. Also, a lot of times cats end up hanging out in our community garden (at the base of Mt Pleasant St, on Bancroft school property).

  • Amy

    My sister lost her cat a few years back and just when she was about to give up hope, her husband found him hiding in the shrubs across the street. He had been gone for a week if my memory serves.

    My point is, it seems likely that Elroy hasn’t gone far but is just hiding.
    Good luck in your hunt! I know this is so scary.

    • AlexLady

      Yes, my cat escaped once and I flipped out. Turns out he was on the same block hiding in a bush. He just didn’t want to come inside because he loves going out!!

  • Anonymous

    Elroy is like, “I wouldn’t say I have ‘no survival skills whatsoever.’ That’s a bit harsh.”

  • Thought

    So where was the cute little guy? Indoor or not, microchips work and are only $35!

    • phl2dc

      I second this! Please microchip your kitty especially if s/he’s not collared. This will make things a lot easier if s/he is found by someone who has no idea people are looking for her/him!

      • textdoc

        +1. And/or put a collar with an ID tag on your cat, even if s/he’s indoor-only.
        Glad to hear that Elroy was found — what a beautiful Russian Blue! (Or mix thereof.)


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