Update: Found! Tabby Cat Missing from Bloomingdale

by Prince Of Petworth August 27, 2015 at 1:05 pm 11 Comments

Liza 2

A reader writes:

“My cat somehow escaped from my house last night while I was sleeping. We live on Quincy Place NW (1st and Florida). She is an average sized tabby with a clipped ear. She can sometimes be shy, but is a total sweetheart. We are devastated and her litter mate especially misses her very much. I can be reached at 240.421.6636. Reward offered if returned!”

Liza 3

  • Jessica Newman


  • textdoc

    Aww, pretty kitty! I hope she’s found soon.
    OP, are you sure she escaped from the house and didn’t get trapped somewhere inside the house, like a closet? Or climb up into a boxspring?

    • OP

      Thank you!

      It’s actually very strange. I thought she was hidden somewhere in the house (though she never misses a meal time) until my roommate who lives in the basement discovered her cat in our neighbor’s yard. They were both in the house when we went to bed last night and we keep the door between our floors closed. I still can’t make sense of it, but I spent the entire day ripping apart the house looking for her.

      • textdoc

        How weird. Were there any windows open?

    • wdc

      That was my thought too. Haven’t quite recovered from that time I spent hours peering under every car for blocks and blocks, calling til I was hoarse, knocking on doors… and then came home to find a sleep-tousled kitty emerging from a closet.
      I hope kitty comes home soon. You say she’s food motivated, so definitely put her favorite food outside, and maybe sprinkle some used litter around, for the scent.

  • AnotherLonelyDay
  • There is also a flyer up for a white cat named Diego missing on Irving St. between 13 & 14th. I mentioned that one to the woman who feeds the alley cats. She advised if your cat escapes, it is probably close by but scared. Go out at night when it it quiet and call for her. Listen for mews from under bushes etc.

  • Distritera

    Best of luck finding your furbaby! Our cat escaped from our 2nd floor apartment this spring and we finally found her 3 months later! Don’t give up – she will probably stay close by. (And if she’s ear tipped, I’m guessing she may have been an alley cat at one point? in which case she will know how to survive until you bring her home.)

  • OP

    Liza was just found safe and sound in my neighbors yard. A million thank yous to everyone who has responded with good vibes, sightings and advice. Not to mention the neighbors I met while walking the blocks. Wow. You guys blow me away!!! I took the advice to hang out on my porch with the door open and lights out with her food dish and litter box. As soon as the sun went down she came right out!!

    Also she has a male doppelgänger hanging around first and w. Hopefully his parents are found soon as well!!!

    • Mike

      I saw a poster on the way home from work this evening, and my heart was breaking for you and your kitty… I’m so glad to see the happy ending!

  • Sasha

    I saw a tabby on u and 1st street last night outside the house but I don’t know if it was the right kitty. The kitty was pretty cute. I had my dog with me so I didn’t investigate. I wonder if it was the same kitty.


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