Keep Your Eyes Peeled for Woodrow

by Prince Of Petworth September 29, 2016 at 1:45 pm 8 Comments


“Lost Cat Please Help- Rock Creek Church Rd NW

We live on Rock Creek Church Road NW right near the intersection with Georgia Ave (near the metro). He got out around 7:15, and got spooked so he bolted. He is a gray cat with black stripes. The undersides of his back paws are black and his left ear is clipped. His name is Woodrow, but like most cats, he doesn’t really respond to his name. He’s exceptionally friendly, but we imagine he’s very scared right now (and wet), so he’ll likely be hidden somewhere small and dry. He’s likely very skittish, so if anyone finds him they can contact us at [email protected] He’s also chipped, so people can also call the Humane Society at 202-576-6664. They’ll give directions to make sure he gets to them, and then back to us.”

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  • textdoc

    Poor little muffin! Hoping he’s found soon.

  • Huma

    I assume someone has given you this advice already, but if not, sprinkle some of his cat litter outside your house. Apparently works to get cats back home.

  • Sahand

    I live literally within the same block and take care of a lot of the neighborhood strays. With that said, if I see him, I’ll definitely be able to spot him out. Will keep my eyes peeled!

    -Rock Creek Cat Lady

  • Steve

    That’s funny, he looks more like a Tyson from where I’m sitting.

  • anon

    I live a couple of blocks away – I am so sorry to hear he is missing. I will definitely keep my eyes open and share with neighbors.

  • New Hampshire Neighbor

    Woodrow is previously named Tyson! He lived around the corner from your house in our home on New Hampshire Ave until we lost him at the end of March/beginning of April. We had never chipped him though, so I assume you must have. He’s the friendliest best cat in the world..

    • Looking for Woodrow

      Hi! I think you already emailed us, but we actually adopted Woodrow back in May 2015 from the Humane Society, after he had been in a foster home for about three months (they were the ones who chipped him). As far as they were able to tell us, he had been a community cat before then but not in our neighborhood. We’ll keep an eye out for Tyson while we’re searching as well and will let you know if we find him while we’re scouring the back alleys in the area.

  • rockcreekresident

    Will keep an eye out!


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