“Dear PoPville,

A friend of mine was walking down Sherman Ave at Euclid and was told that they could not keep walking south due to an active gas leak. They aren’t even letting crew members or folks that live on that block in. Does anyone know what’s going on or when it will be resolved? I’m not sure where to look for that info. (Side note, my building is in this photo and my dog is inside with the windows open.. should I worry??)”

Side note: Nearby DC Water reports, “Emergency shut on 8″ water main due to struck service on the 1000 Block of Girard St NW between 11th St and Sherman Ave NW. ETA 6-8 hours”


Well this is awkward.


“Dear PoPville,

Hoping some commenters might be able to help me out with a utilities nightmare.

Last March, my roommate and I moved to a new unit within the same apartment building. Due to a miscommunication with Washington Gas, the new account was not set up until we reached out to them in July, having not received a bill for several months. The first bill for the new account included charges for the four months we had lived in the new unit without a gas account set up, which made sense.

The problem: The gas meter readouts from the March-July period showed astronomically high usage, which then returned to normal levels for all measurements taken after we called (see screenshot). Needless to say, our use of heat during this period did not actually reflect these levels. There was clearly a problem with Washington Gas’ retroactive measurement. Read More


Photo by PoPville flickr user Rob Cannon

“Dear PoPville,

Do people have experience with the Customer Choice options to Washington Gas? We are moving and will have gas in our new home (woo hoo!), but am curious if we should go with the Washington Gas standby (which has awful reviews on Yelp), or opt for one of the other options available. Any advice is much appreciated!

From DC’s Public Service Commission website:

Currently, three competitive suppliers and WGL accept new residential customers. They are:

Gateway Energy Services (877-893-6374 or e-mail [email protected])
NOVEC Energy Solutions (888-627-7283 or e-mail [email protected])
Washington Gas Energy Services (888-884-9437 or e-mail [email protected])
WGL (703-750-1000 or e-mail [email protected])”


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