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Dear PoPville readers,

We are proud to announce that we have increased the starting wage at Well-Paid Maids.

As of last month, our minimum wage is $20 per hour. That’s up from $17 per hour and reflects a 16% raise in compensation. In addition, every worker still receives a full benefits package, including 22 paid days off per year; health, dental and vision insurance; and 100% employer-paid commuting costs. And, as always, everyone we hire is a true employee, not an independent contractor, which means they receive protections such as unemployment and workers’ compensation insurance.

Why did we do it? Right now you read about lots of employers raising wages to try to attract new hires, but we’ve never had a problem finding applicants. For us, this is about honoring the commitment of our employees and staying true to our name.

Our employees have been extremely devoted to the success of the company — sticking with us through a long shutdown and an even longer period of uncertainty, increased health risks, and uneven hours. As we get back to normal operations, we felt they deserved a raise that reflected their incredible loyalty to us over the past 15 months. In addition, this past spring the MIT Living Wage Calculator was updated to indicate that a worker needs to earn at least $19.97 per hour to have a true living wage in the D.C. area.

At Well-Paid Maids, our mission and our employees come first. We are not a cleaning company that happens to pay a living wage. We are a living-wage cleaning company. If you like our approach and our values match your own, please visit our website to book a cleaning today.

Have questions? Please shoot us an email at [email protected]. Our team of happy, hard-working and fairly paid employees looks forward to serving you.


Aaron Seyedian
Well-Paid Maids

Photo via 401(K) 2013/Creative Commons


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