Washington, DC

Updates when/if any official info is released from MPD.

S reported around 6pm: “Looks like there’s a fire at the intersection of M St & North Capitol St NW. Just heard a neighbor set off fireworks from that direction, I suspect it may be related.

In other news, there’s a gunman on the loose at the building down the block, so the fireworks were very poorly timed. I hope all neighbors involved are OK!”

DC Fire and EMS reported: “Use of illegal fireworks put dozens of seniors at risk in yesterday’s fire on N. Capitol St. A Roman candle fired from the street ignited a 5th floor balcony. If it explodes or flies it is illegal in DC. For complaints or tips on illegal fireworks e-mail [email protected]

“Separate from the gunman incident at Avalon First and M/Ava NoMa and the apartment fire at Sibley Plaza Public Housing, there was a third incident in my building this morning involving an FBI presence on the fourth floor.”

“M Street NE between North Cap and 1st is blocked on both ends by police – maybe 30 police vehicles and helicopters circling this one block.”

“Picture of one of the guns that was thrown from the roof of Ava NoMa”

“Massive police presence, officers sprinting into building, clearing rooftop with guns drawn, chopper overhead.”

“Building is on lockdown, per an email they just sent out. It appears to be an incident with two guns and a barricade on the 9th floor of the AVA Noma building.”


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